questionswant to try the $350 steak?


I suppose that makes more sense than lighting fire to a stack of cash, but only just barely.


But is it better than the new Wal*Mart steaks?


If I had $350 there are many things I would buy other than steak.


Is someone else paying? If so, yes! If not, I'll stick to my $20 family pack of KC Strip steaks, thanks :)


Next time I'm down in the city for work I know where I'm eating! Expense repors are awesome!


What I want to know is, why was it banned for sale in the US?


Forget the steak, how do I go about getting treated like a Kobe Beef cow?


@adam113089: I believe because of foot-and-mouth disease breakout in Japan some years back.


A lot of places claim to have Kobe beef - but it's really difficult to get outside of Japan. Not because of a ban, but because there isn't much of it. How does this restaurant prove it's the real deal?

(An no freakin way am I dropping $350 on a piece of meat. I can get 2 porterhouse cuts at the local butcher, dry age them for a few days in the fridge, grill them to rare/medium rare and have a meal worthy of drool - For ~$20)


I've heard of Kobe beef. You know, even if I were very wealthy, I don't think I'd pay that for a steak. Might for a 10 course meal at a 5 star restaurant. Might not. Would like to taste it, though. So...if anyone's going to try it, please ask me to accompany you. ;-)


I lost it over a G*ddam $5 milkshake, You think I'll drop $350 on a steak?


@gmwhit: The best $350 that I ever spent was what I loaned to a "friend" that I haven't seen since. :)
As for the OP, no. I live in a world where $3.50 is kind of pricey for a cheeseburger.


I am not really big on meat anyways, so I will not do it. I guess if he can sell the steak for $350.00 a plate, there must be some people out there are really into meat and know the difference of meat. I certainly do not know.


I will not do it. The more description about how a cow was treated, the more I lost my appetite. I feel bad for the cow.