questionsdo you pass up a sale on a site if you are…


Depends on the site. If they have a good reputation or I've dealt with them before, I wouldn't have a problem placing another order while I wait for an RMA. I do this often with Amazon, and recently did it with Newegg (though Newegg's RMA process is very slow...)


I order while waiting quite often. Cowboom would be a good example. Truthfully, I cannot see why I would wait and pass up a good deal. If I do not trust the site, I would most likely not order something anyway. If I try a site and get a bum deal, it isn't the waiting for refund that would keep me form ordering again. That site would just go to my personal blacklist.

If I pass up a deal from a trusted site while awaiting a refund, I am hurting myself.


Yeah, really depends on the situation. I've had returns with NewEgg, and still bought while dealing with that. Otherplaces, I've refused to buy from afterwards. Microcenter is one, after I had bought a motherboard, opened it up saw damage to it, and they wouldn't accept it as a return. If the place is willing to work to make things better, I'll keep buying.