questionswhat is the scariest movie you have ever seen?


The Shining or Silence of the Lambs.

Gore doesn't scare me, it just disgusts me. (I'm looking at you, Hostel! You too, Al!)


The Saw franchise is pretty creative, but I gotta say that HUMAN CENTIPEDE takes the cake. S:))O:))O:))O:))~~~

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Generally I keep away from horror films, but when I worked overnights my coworkers occasionally brought them to watch. I had no problem with Silence of the Lambs or Hannibal. But the 4-movie series beginning with A Thief in the Night, which I saw at a much younger age, totally freaked me out. The guillotine scene gave me nightmares. Interestingly enough, part of that movie was filmed in an area basically a few towns over from where I live.


@msklzannie: Too late to edit/clarify previous post. The guillotine scene was in the 2nd movie of the series. Part of the 1st movie was filmed near my hometown.


I think everyone needs to watch a little Japanese horror flick called Audition. If you think Silence of the Lambs is scary, you'd really like this. This film not only holds those gut-wrenching, "Geez I just can't watch" scenes, but also a building plot to back it up. I find movies like the Saw series weak in that they can't dole out a plot that will build my anticipation. Sheer gore isn't enough; entrapping the viewer is real horror is where its at. Watch Audition. You'll love it :)


Poltergeist, was hands down the movie that scared me the most. Holly crap my bed room had a closet! Nothing has scared me like that since.
Now is Poltergeist the scariest? I doubt it but I was at the right age and being scared of it for months made it my scariest movie.


2001: A space Odyssey... my father took me for my fifth birthday and apparently it was too much for me (I recall the stories about me making him make us leave the theater more than I remember being afraid).

It is the only time I've ever left a movie.

Most movies are extremely predictible. Saw was one that I was surprised by at the end. Not especially scary though.

The "fighting in a cemetary in the rain" scenes in 8MM were filmed in the cemetary across the street from my (then) apartment (in Fresh Meadows, several miles from Douglaston where the movie places it). I found it especially eerie watching those scenes knowing exactly when and where they were shot. (No, I didn't get to meet Cage or anyone else of note... but it was a bitch finding parking for about a week.)


Not a true horror/gore/slasher movie, but one the scared the bejeezus out of 11 year old me when I saw it. It was a Steven Spielberg directed, very low budget made-for-tv movie called "Something Evil." The glowing red-eyes that show up during the movie are something I still remember! No other visible monsters, but the constant fear and dread that movie conveyed made a big impact.

Here's a link to a review and synopsis of the movie:


When I was a little kid, I watched this movie on ABC television called Terror of the Doll. It starred Karen Black and this little remote controlled zulu witch doctor doll that was trying to kill her. I could not have been more than 12 when I saw it on TV and I can still remember that little witch doctor cutting it's way out of a suit case with a steak knife!!


I don't believe in aliens, but I did live in the middle of a corn field so Signs scared the bejeebers out of me when I saw it in theaters.

The funniest/scariest horror film I've ever seen is Severance. I would highly recommend it!


They. It's a Wes Craven movie. Really creepy.


The Ring bothered me for a long time after I watched it. Not the story, but something about the way the girl moved hardwired itself into my subconscious and I'd be seeing her out of the corner of my eye. Audry Rose didn't scare me, but it left me feeling so unsettled and upset I haven't watched it again in 30 years, even though I have the DVD. The Orphanage was spooky and fantastic. Years ago we got to show Poltergeist to a group of friends that hadn't seen it, and added Legend of Hell House for a double feature, and everyone agreed that Legend was much scarier than Poltergeist. When I was a little kid there was a B movie called The Crawling Hand that gave me a phobia for years. At least I thought that's what it was, till my mom recently revealed that as a baby in my crib I was afraid of hands, so I guess the movie just fed a pre-existing phobia.


@mkentosh: Yeah, I think a whole generation will never forget, "My name is Talking Tina. And you'd better be nice to me." ("Living Doll", Twilight Zone)


The two more recent movies that freaked me out the most are primarily due to the creepy suspense: Joy Ride and Jeepers Creepers. Yes, I know Jeepers Creepers is ridiculous but between that little song and knowing what was coming...((shivers)).

I also saw the first Halloween movie when I was very young (blame the irresponsible babysitter). I had nightmares for a long time after that.


After The Ring, I decided I didn't like horror movies that much. I have a pretty overactive imagination and it doesn't need any help coming up with things to freak me out.


Don't be Afraid of the Dark (1973). Saw it on late night TV once and have hated fireplaces ever since.


When I was about 7 or 8 I watched Candyman with my brother. I hand nightmeres for almost a month!

Needless to say, that was the scariest movie I've ever seen. I really should go back and watch it again to see if it is really as bad as I remember.

I'm sure it didn't help that to show off to my brother I said Candyman 3 times in the mirror right after we finished the movie.


A bunch of classics already mentioned, so I'll go for a few more modern (well, this past decade) terrific horror movies:

- The Descent
- Let the Right One In
- [●REC]
- Audition (already mentioned, but bears repeating)

Oddly all these are foreign films. The American horror film industry has been pretty weak recently (I'd probably select "The Mist" as the best American horror since 2000, but it wasn't on the same level as the above films).

The scariest I've ever seen was watching "The Exorcist" the first time, but that's way too cliche an answer and it's lost a lot of its initial impact upon numerous re-watches.


It's such a subjective thing - what scares us.

For me it was The Blair Witch Project. Mostly because my friends and I have done a lot of camping, hiking etc in the woods and talked frequently about getting lost or finding weird things.

And, no kidding, we used to make little pillars of rocks in random places like they kept finding there in the woods. We were never really sure what the point was, we were just trying to confuse people.


I'll second Poltergeist. I have no idea what my parents were thinking letting me watch that movie when I was young. Let's count the number of ways it scared me over the next few years:

Terrified of clowns. Check.
Creepy TV static. Check.
Afraid of zombie indian corpses rising up from the mud in my backyard. Check.
And, perhaps the worst was that big spooky tree, because I also had a huge tree just outside my bedroom window. Double check.


3-way tie:

1) John Carpenter's The Thing. Not because of the gore, but because the idea that the person next to me could actually be a gut-munching monster in disguise freaked me out.

2) The 70's version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, for pretty much the same reason.

3) A little known but great psychological horror movie called Session 9. A clean-up crew at an old sanitarium finds audio tapes of psychiatric sessions with a certain patient, and the stuff on the tapes is so creepy that it starts messing with their minds.


Child's Play really freaks me out as I have a terrible fear of evil/ homocidal babies or children.

Poltergeist made me afraid of my own house for weeks.

Anything by David Cronenberg, particularly Videodrome, contain a great mix of intrigue, suspense, gore, and all around WTF.

The Gate because that movie is just jacked up.

Finally, when I was young, I saw the movie Mr. Boogedy, and was horrified.


Any Zombie movie rocks on Holloween... love when my kids scream and cant sleep... :)


I have watched horror movies since I was 4 years old I love them and have yet to find one that really scares me some have made me think but I love them and am always looking for that really scarey one Any suggestions are welcomed.


Honestly, 'Ernest Scared Stupid'. I couldn't go across the hall to the bathroom at night for months after I watched that movie. Those monsters that could mimic any voice...oh my sweet lord! I'm sure it was the time of my life, but I will never see a movie as long as I live that will actually scare me as much as that movie did.