questionsdo you buy gifts for your pets at christmas?


I am so sorry to hear about your losses. I can not imagine what I will do when Bulldog goes.

As for shopping for your pets. YES!! I spend more on Floyd then I do on some family members. One good idea might be a Barkbox. You can sign up at Barkbox and they send you a grab bag every month full of surprise goodies for your pup. I got them for a few months and although they were worth the price, they came with stuff I couldn't give to my boy. The treats were usually natural and/or organic, but had beef or chicken in them which he cant have. If it wasn't for that I would have continued to get it.

Happy Holidays furry fellas!


I do. I usually restock their catnip and get them a new toy - usually a catnip one (can you see a trend haha). I also get them their favorite treats and food, which are ones that I can't get in bulk and cheap throughout the year, so they only get them on special occasions (well, the food is just not what they should be eating all the time).


We always get our pets gifts. Now, I have to admit part of this is due to the fact that over the years it has been enjoyable to watch our children/grandchild react to the fact that Santa brought the animals gifts.

As far as what we get them... well, it really depends. Bodie always gets tennis balls because he loves them. I mean LOVES them. Tara is getting a huge bag of her favorite chew sticks. Our kitten Eloise is getting non skid feeding bowls (trust me, she needs them). And our rabbit, Mrs Bonnie Wigglesworth, is getting a bag of carrots.

We don't think Mrs Wigglesworth will be too upset that we spent more on the other critters than her.


Absolutely. Usually, a special type of chew thing for the dog, and various catnip-infused goodies for the cats.


Yes. A new chew toy keeps the dog at bay while the rest of us open our own gifts instead of sniffing around the tree and attempting to eat wrapper paper.


My dogs appreciate time with and attention from me more than any material gift, so I make sure that every holiday starts with some "family" time on the couch. I also tend to get each munchkin a stuffed squeaky toy, which becomes an unstuffed non-squeaky toy within minutes. I also wrap some of their favorite non-toy toys: they each get a wrapped empty soda bottle, a wrapped empty yogurt container, etc.

I can't imagine the pain of your losses this year. I hope that your family, including your new members, have a wonderful holiday together.


Of course the boys get gifts! We have to keep them occupied on Christmas day, or they get huffy for being left out.

For the dogs, I really like the 'rooting' toys - Hide-a-squirrel is one my boys love. It's a puzzle! It's a squeak-toy! It's fluffeh!


I have been shopping for a dog bed for Simba for a few weeks now and haven't found one I like for a price I am willing to pay. He doesn't really need one, I was just going to retire the oldest of his five beds and donate it to the neighbor dog. I think instead I am going to get him a couple of custom collars made, I found a few I liked the patterns for, but of course I have to pay extra and have them special made for his size. I ordered him a coat last week, I have my doubts about it fitting but it will be something else under the tree and I can donate it if it's too small. I got him some treats and those will go under the tree as well. Jasmine doesn't get gifts, she wants nothing to do with social gatherings and she's got no interest in toys. I bought her some treats and I may put them under the tree, but unlike for the dog who expects gifts under the tree it would be just for my amusement. When we unwrap gifts she'll be asleep on my bed. But she'll enjoy the treats later.


The only gift my pets get is food. That's all they seem to appreciate me for anyway.

I tried giving them special treats and they don't even want them.


we do not but Santa leaves our pets something in their shared stocking that we hang for them


No. Certainly not. That's ridiculous.

My pet is Jewish. I buy him a Chanukah present :)

I highly recommend KGRANTDESIGNS on Etsy.

Her stuff is really adorable--meowtinis, fortune cookies, etc.-- and she is wonderful to work with. I plan to buy my cat a gift from her as I have not supported enough small businesses this season. I've given her stuff as gifts and they have gone over very well.


Yep. Catnip toys for the cat, and usually a few new toys for the dog. Also, a rawhide bone for the dog so she keeps to herself while we're opening our gifts.


My first thought when I read this question was "No way would I EVER do that!" Then "...wait. I'm buying my sister's dog a present."