questionsdo you worry about what happens to your car when…


Destroying their customer's property should never have been a part of their business plan.


Having worked at a few dealerships, I can tell you that is not the norm. Most techs take pride in their work and are bonused out on not having cars come back and are put under tight supervision if anything looks fishy.
That said, I check my car out when I pick it up, before I leave - no matter where I take it, or what I have done, you never know when an honest mistake can mean your tire not getting torqued down.


No, I'm not concerned at all about my Yugo.


Well the video no longer works (its private.) But, I've always wondered this myself. I had an '09 Subaru WRX until recently. I took it to the dealership for its annual service in August 2011. An hour later to my amazement the technician came in and told me everything is good except my clutch is worn and should be replaced. The car had maybe 50,000 miles on it. I know how to drive a manual, and I am confident I drive better than most. Anyhow, I told them there was no way, and I wanted some proof that if there is any problem that it is in fact the clutch. On top of that, they wanted $1800+ or something ridiculous for the clutch job. Needless to say I ignored them, never went back to that dealership, and traded in the car recently last week and the dealership I traded it in at said everything with the car looked good. Now 78,000 miles. I feel the tech/dealership flat out lied in hopes that I would pay $1800 for something I didn't need.


Not rich enough to have this problem. My 20 year old car that I have been driving for 10 years has long since lapsed warranty.

Although this does make me wonder about what they did with my mom's car a couple of times.

You would think these service techs would take pride in their product and respect people that buy American.


My father is a mechanic and I recall him telling me a few stories about what other mechanics would do to some customers. However personally I recall this one time, I had to be away at school, and something broke I couldn't fix in the parking lot so I took the car in somewhere. The guy tried to tell me I needed new brakes. Fortunately I still had the receipt in my wallet from a few weeks back with new rotors and pads. His face was priceless.


You're always at the mercy of others when you take your stuff in -- car, computer, phone... whatever. The trick is to do your research as best you can possibly do (which isn't always easy and certainly isn't foolproof, but helps), and just choose the people who tend to be most trustworthy. I've a shop I go to for my Jeep that I would trust with ANY job. They specialise in Jeeps. They know their stuff. Their solutions to problems are often the ones I'd have done myself if I had the tools/time. Their prices, while not the cheapest out there, are reasonable, and I know for certain I will get good work done. Plus, they warranty their work for a year. If anything goes wrong with the parts they replaced or the work they did, they'll redo it/replace it for free within that year.

I've dealt with PLENTY of shady mechanics over the years, though, so it's refreshing to find a good one. Some were outright crooks, stealing things from my car, removing parts to sell elsewhere, etc. Madness.


I'm sad the video has been taken down: I'm wondering if the lawyers for the dealership didn't force it down.

Sadly, it appears that as of now the victim of this is getting no satisfaction from either the dealership or Chevrolet. And, at least for the latter, he won't get any either. Several people on Jalopnik and the Camaro forum who were or are employed at a U.S. automaker all said that as far as GM, Ford, and Chrystler are concerned, these are problems between the consumer and an independent dealer. They do not and will not get in between. I find that to be absolutely insane, as a business practice, but that is what they do.

The dealer has stonewalled. They are offering, essentially, nothing other than maybe have another of their mechanics look at the car. No apology, no offers of restitution.

It is likely the only way that this guy is going to get any sort of compensation is via the formal legal system.


I prefer to deal with mom and pop shops where repeat trade is their meat and bread. In my experience I usually get faster, friendlier service and definitely more personalized. It's also often a lot cheaper. It seems to me that the big repair places (especially computers) have a couple of "universal fixes" and they don't even want to look and see what's wrong, just do one of those fixes and wash their hands of it. Sometimes I feel like they only train their staff to complete those couple of fixes and the personnel don't even know how to actually examine and make specific repairs.


My father has been a mechanic for a Chevy dealership his whole life. So I grew up working on cars and fixing things myself. Between his help and internet research, I've never once had to take my car to the dealership. I do all my own maintenance from oil changes to coolant flushes to brake replacement at my house. Saves money on parts buying from Advanced Auto Parts and a ton of money on labor. Last actual problem I had was the starter solenoid. Took me 10 minutes to troubleshoot, cost $18 at Advanced and spent 10 minutes installing. Time before that was the throttle position sensor. Took it to Advanced to have the codes read, cost $22 in parts and took 15 minutes to install. The work was done cheaply and I know it was done right.....and I didn't have some punks tearing booty around in my truck.


I just took my car into the mechanic for the first time an hour ago. NOW I'm wondering....


@wilfbrim: Video is back up/un-privatized. Apparently the owner of the car was in negotiations with the owner of the dealership and took it down in good faith of a resolution. Didn't happen, so the vid is back.


They always scam me and I knowi t. It drives me nuts because in general they know they have you. They almost can't keep the laught out of their voice and you pay to basically get your vehicle back. It just kills me. I'm about to just go get a horse and buggy and be done with it!


I work at Beck and Masten GMC/Buick and I have never seen anything like this before! I'm sure once the Big Wigs at GM see this heads will roll! That being said you always need to check the work that has been done to your vehicle at any service facility.