questionshow much is a woot shirt collection worth to you?


you can check out some shirt trading communities like Teetrade, i saw listings saying they'll take cash for the shirt. you can ask for cash

otherwise, i have a $5 Woot coupon i can trade for you collection. how about it?


Personally? Nothing. I'm way too big to wear medium, so they don't interest me in the slightest. But I am very curious as to how much people sell their older shirts for, as I've been offered a few times for one of mine and I have no idea of what to ask for them.


It's all a matter of the design. I have shirts that aren't even worth the postage to ship them, and I have some in which I've seen sell for $25+ used on ebay.

For perspectives, the last time I bought a pile (yard sale), I averaged $4 each.

Post what you have, or throw a pic in my 'Name That Shirt' thread and let the Wooters figure the list out for you. ^_^