questionswhat should i do with my old tracfone?


you can still sell it on craigslist.. lunch money at least =/


Lots of grocery stores and some other stores have a donation receptacle where you can drop it off.

Find locations here:


Most public libraries will also take phones, and they go to charities, including being repurposed for servicemen overseas. If it's not a smart phone, it's unlikely to have any data that matters (to you), so that makes it easier.


Donate it to a women and children's center. Any phone can call 911 even without activation or minutes left on it.


@wilcononomous: thanks.

I try to let everyone know that if they have older relatives that don't believe in those newfangled devices, just give them your old device with a car charger and stick it in their car for emergency purposes.


While the other answers are far more beneficial to the world at large I'm going to go the other direction.

I say you go buy 4 more of them and then glue them to your ceiling for custom-made tracphone traclighting. That rings.

It's nothing but win I assure you.


the battery gets recycled if you drop it off at the right place. Around sacramento, there are cardboard boxes for celphones or batteries all over the place Ikea, grocery stores, our local parks & rec office, libraries.

Rechargeable batteries should always be recycled. traditional alkaline batteries no longer contain hazardous amounts of heavy metals, and most places they are accepted at landfills.