questionscan you recommend an ac/heater unit (window)?


after reading alot of reviews, it looks like i'm much better off with LG than frigidaire. i'll see if i can find a higher BTU one without the heater. if i need a heater, i'll just go buy a small plug in thermostat and plug a space heater into it. thanks for your feedback.


I have been happy with all of my LG purchases (AC's, Refrigerators, Washer/Dryers). My limited experience with Frigidaire products is generally negative, I definitely prefer LG. The AC units I have and referenced in a previous answer are heat pumps. When they are reversed, they pump heat into the room instead of out. This is a very energy efficient way of doing it. The LG AC you found on Amazon appears to be practically the same as the one I found at Home Depot. It only uses 6.5 amps, so it will only heat/cool a small area. It is apparently NOT a heat pump version as the description references a heat strip. Given that, you would do just as well with a dedicated AC and separate space heater.


appreciate any feedback you guys can give me. thanks


So i found three units, i was hoping somebody could provide some feedback.

the first is an LG unit, that heats and cools for $300 (right at my budget) and has 7000 btu's.

2nd unit is a frigidaire, (do they still make good stuff?) and has a whopping 12,000 btu's, but no heater. this is also in my budget range. my only concern is that my existing circuit couldn't handle the juice

3rd unit is another Frigidaire, for $200 that is also jsut an AC with no heat. 8000 btu


i've fount countless deals on Amazon for $150-$200 but not knowing about AC units, i dont know if they are decent or not. i've seen the AC/heating units before, but haven't seen them recently and don't know anything about them. we currently have space heaters, but they don't have a thermostat and i'm never comfortable letting them run while i'm not home.


I have a couple of large (240V) heater/AC's that I got from Home Depot and I am very happy with them. The cheapest I could find on their site is a 7000 BTU 115V unit for a 280 square foot room for $359:


You just missed a decent AC sale at newegg unfortunately. But if this is just supplemental heating/cooling you can probably get a separate window AC and space heater for around $300 total.


I would recommend looking up BTUs necessary for the size of your room -- > <-- this might be helpful.

Also, look at the Amperage required on the unit (Window uniques, I think, are more efficient than portable ones). I bring this up only because if you're in a older house your circuits might not be able to handle the amps (personal experience).

I've never seen a unit that could heat and cool, so you're on your own on that one =\

$300... Like moose implied, you might have to up that price limit...


if you find one for three you better grab it.
i've looked before and find them around 4 to 5, prob because of the season but still....
only box store i've ever see one in where you can walk in and look at is sears. have seen them online occasionally.
do you really want to have to move it around every season? i found a NICE little quartz heater (with thermostat) for about 45 that heats a room quick (should be a sale item now) and a large window a/c for 250. remember that every time you move an ac unit you run the risk of damaging the coils.


P.S. btw, is there a downside to the two in one units? do dedicated AC units work better than the AC/heater units or does it matter?