questionsare you sad that author iain banks died?



He died sooner than they expected ( I think it was April they were hoping for ' a Few Months') . His publisher even pushed up the release date of his latest (now last, unfortunately) novel to June 20th so that he could see it released, but he hasn't even made that date.

His imagination was amazing and he was a really good writer - I just finished re-listening (audiobook) to 'The Wasp Factory' his first novel (1985).

For such a dark story it's wonderfully listenable with comic passages and rich text - and a surprisingly optimistic ending.

The guy could write.


I'm devastated, actually. Yesterday was the first time in my life that I cried over someone famous. His work has shaped me and my mind in immensely positive ways over the years. Iain Banks was a witty, profound writer whose work is an embodiment of and paean to humanity's potential, in all its shades. Forgot not ever getting another Culture novel, because I'm supremely grateful for the ones we've gotten--I'm broken up that I'll never have an opportunity to meet the man who created that universe and those stories. He was easily one of science fiction's Greats, and his regular lit was absolutely gorgeous, too. RIP, indeed.


@kamikazeken: So rude. Is Google/Bing so hard to use?


@lll0228: I googled and really did nothing for me. Not really into sci-fi, so can't really say I'm familiar. I'm sure I could name a few people that would make you go "WHO?"


@lll0228: I'M SERIOUS! Tell me why this person is famous (or not, since no one I asked about him today knew who he was, and plenty of them are scifi geeks, as am I.)

If someone's going to post about someone who died, at least have the courtesy to educate the rest of us why this person is/was more important than any of the millions of other people who died this week.

I asked in all seriousness. A quick google search was pretty useless.


@kamikazeken: Scottish writer, first Novel "the Wasp Factory' in 1984 (voted in one poll as one of the 100 best books of 20th century) wrote contemporary novels under the name 'Iain Banks' but used the name 'Iain M. Banks' to write Sci Fi Novels, characterized by his fertile imagination, dark humor and rich prose with interesting (to me) philosophical ponderings. Has published a bunch (over 30 I think) novels.

My favorite non sci fi is 'The Business', though the more I listen to 'The Wasp factory' the more I like it.

Sci fi books recommendations are: 'The Algebraist' & ' Feersum Endjinn' (But don't forget 'Matter' or 'Look to Windward' or 'Surface Detail' etc. etc.)

Try this one for an overview: or here for the BBC obit

or his website:


I just finally got around to cracking open my progress report for Worldcon this summer in San Antonio, and I see that Iain Banks was scheduled to be a guest of honor at the World Science Fiction Convention in London next year, which we plan to attend. I would have gotten a chance to meet him, get a book autographed, maybe attend a koffeeklatch. Very sad.


@kamikazeken: I Googled Iain Banks using a non-cached "Private" window, so it should return generic results.

To the right, immediately, is a summary of who he was. One more click gets you to Wikipedia. I have no idea how you could not have found anything fast within seconds ("pretty useless"?). All major media outlets had at least one article about him. I am not even a scifi person and I know who he was well, and what a loss this was.

You were not serious. Not at all. All the downvoters obviously spotted that, too.

Same for you @psumek