questionswho saves money with a restaurant coupon?


There are so many deals available for restaurants these days (coupons, specials,, groupon, etc.) that I rarely go anywhere and pay full price. We go out to local restaurants 2-3 times per week and usually pay around 50-75% of the menu price.

Whenever we go out with friends, we always ask to split the bill. Although I'm less likely to use a coupon when out with others (hey, I don't want to appear cheap, only be cheap), I do try to pick places that have deals running.


I would say if it is one bill, then the coupon would apply to the total purchase so each party then pays based on the new, lower total. Just make sure to tip on the pre-coupon amount though, just to be fair to the wait staff.


I always do separate checks when going out to dinner in a group. If nobody else has a coupon, we use ours. If other people would have, but for the "one coupon for table" rule that's fairly common, then we would split the difference on the discount between us.

However, the only time we've ever used a coupon in a group is Steak 'n Shake and they don't limit coupons per table. So we bring enough for everyone.


When we were visiting family in Texas around Christmas, my wife's aunt gave everyone in the group a certificate. And we split off in pairs and covertly ate at separate tables. It was good barbecue, but given the choice I'd rather have paid more to eat together.


I would say if it's a % off, then everyone benefits. If it's a $ off (or BOGO), then that amount comes off the coupon-holder's portion. Unless they want to offer to split the new lower total.


The couple who brought the coupon...who might have brought a second one for their friends.


I use coupons at restaurants. If we are in a group and I am paying, I will use a coupon.

I actually hate going in a group and having one bill (if we are paying individually), as there is always someone in the group that orders the most expensive item on the menu and they want tho split the bill evenly and not according to what they ordered. There is also the person that thinks a 45¢ tip (the change from there part of the bill) is adequate on a $13.55 bill.

Always remember to tip on the full amount of the bill before the discount


I do. I almost don't eat out anymore without a coupon.
I usually use my saving as the tip so I overtip alot unless the service is bad.


Seems like the polite thing to do would be to split the bill evenly after the coupon is applied. If you are in a group, I don't think it is proper to break down the bill because it always ends up in an argument.


I find it to be especially awkward when using a Groupon/Living Social/Seize the Deal, which I use quite a lot. I have already paid half the value of the "coupon", so chucking it in to reduce the total then paying an equal portion of the bill is not at all a fair distribution of cost. So if it is a group I am comfortable with, I just ask for a separate check, either just for me or for me and my best friend for whom I often pay, and explain to the group that I'm using a Groupon and it isn't big enough to cover everyone. If I am with a group where that wouldn't be socially appropriate, then I just save the Groupon for another day.