questionsis it still possible to buy the whiskey stones?


If you missed out on them hang around for a while I'm sure they'll pop back up eventually.


I can tell you are a newcomer - Woot is a daily deal site, meaning that you only have 24 hours to buy the current product until it's gone.

Luckily, a lot of the things Woot! sells come in cycles. The whiskey stones have been on here several times before and I would bet they will be on here several more times. Just glance at all of the sites every day and hop on the opportunity next time it arises!

(You can also look around for Woot! checkers online. Some of them allow you to put keywords in and receive an email when a Woot! item with those keywords shows up.)


The whiskey stones are available again on Moofi, a Woot! based site.

Click here for a link to the site