questionsany recommendations for soft serve ice cream…


This sounds like a not-so-shameless plug for the one that you just posted from Amazon.


@jsimsace: Not at all. I own this thing:

It's awful. Sits in my cabinet taking up space because the small amount of ice cream it makes tastes weird to me. Maybe I'm not using it correctly but I'd like to try something else.

Was hoping someone might have a recommendation or has used the Cuisinart model I posted.


Found a nice video

But honestly I was hoping for something without a freezer bowl. Maybe it doesn't exist.


I've got one of these:

It's really nice, but it does have a freezer bowl. They've updated that line since I've got mine, but I know that Woot has sold refurbished ones now and then. I've made recipes from Molly Moon's and Ben & Jerry's recipe books and they've all come out really well and it makes up to 2 quarts at a time.


@v3n0m91: yeah, a used machine from Dairy Queen would pretty much take care of it. That's basically what I'm looking for but a fraction of the size and price :)


@shawnmiller: We've always had one similar to this one (when we were kids we only had the manual part) Pretty much requires ice instead of sticking a large bowl in the freezer BEFORE you want to make ice cream? (who has that much forethought AND freezer space at the same time?) Also rock salt is useful, but if you live anywhere that gets snow you probably have some in your garage.
Speaking of I may need to stop at the store for some ice on the way home tonight.


@daveinsocal: Congrats on the engagement!

I'm looking for something a little less intense. Something where I can whip the kids up a quick ice cream cone in 15 minutes on a whim.


I have this old one and we love it. We make a recipe that has chocolate milk and Eagle Brand milk and it tastes like a Frosty from Wendy's. I have also made some of the recipes that came with it...some of the heathy ones. They were great, too!


@shawnmiller Your kids are fortunate to have a dad who still wants to make ice cream. You'll make some fabulous memories! I must say...we have Blue Bell more often than homemade, even with the self-running ice cream freezer. We DO enjoy it when we make the effort, though. I remember my dad letting us take turns sitting on the old crank freezer @daveinsocial showed. Fun, fun, memories. We didn't have much money but we had lots of attention, fun, and love--so blessed!