questionswhat's your favorite series/movie to watch on…


Battlestar Galactica (2004)


such a hard choice to pick one.
top gear, Dr. Who, DS9, Voyager, Pawn Stars, Eureka are all good choices for TV


Anything with "Mega" in it. E.G. - Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus, Megafault, Mega Piranha, Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus, Mega Python vs. Gatoroid.

Quality movie magic happens in them right there.


I watch South Park, Arrested Development, and Transformers (G1 and Prime) regularly.


@philosopherott: I thought Pawn Stars got taken off a while ago. Is it back?


-Arrested Development
-30 Rock
-Breaking Bad
-The West Wing
-Sherlock (BBC)
-Parks and Recreation (read synopses of season 1 and start watching at season 2, trust me)
-Charlie Chaplin Collection (collected shorts from one of the greatest comedians of all time—the very fact that you have heard of this guy means that his nearly 100-year-old works are worth watching)

Movies (haven't much explored their collection):
-Buster Keaton (Netflix has all full-lengths from this epic silent comedian's collection, beautifully restored. Amazingly modern and hilarious for movies nearly 100 years old. Start with Sherlock Jr. (after a slow start, as modern and mindblowing a movie as they come), The General, and The Navigator).
-Duck Soup (Marx Brothers at their most hilarious and anarchic, and a wry political satire to boot)


Just finished watching Sons of Anarchy

Starting Breaking Bad

Watched & Liked

Walking Dead
How I Met Your Mother
Army Wives
Blue Mountain State
Rules of Engagement


I'm actually currently going thru the seasons of Parenthood. (1-3 on Netflix, season 4 on Huluplus.)

As one of the main characters is a kid with Asbergers, and out son is on the spectrum, it hits close to home.

All in all, a really good show, believable characters, and a plethora of cameo characters to boot, most current is Ray Romano as a bitter, grumpy divorced photographer. Check it out.


can't say i follow many series - more of a movie guy myself.. but my wife loves the original upstairs downstairs on netflix :)


Boardwalk Empire, I love Steve Buscemi in anything!


@eeekdageek: Breaking Bad is AWESOME! I like it better then Walking Dead. MUCH better storyline in my option. Although Walking Dead had better set's and makeup (obviously).


@ohcheri: I agree!! Although I don't think that is on Netflix.


As far as series go, I just re-watched Jericho and started on Wire in the Blood. I recently finished the anime series Darker than Black and have been dabbling in a few others but none have fired my interest yet. I also watch Asian TV series from time to time , I had been enjoying Padam Padam, a Korean series, but haven't watched it in a while. I'm particularly fond of Chinese historical series like Handsome Siblings. The most recent movie I have watched and enjoyed is Little Big Soldier with Jackie Chan. My retired best friend comes over to do handyman work at my house and hangs out with my dog. He's working his way through the entire Star Trek library.


Just got into Trailer Park Boys, which never sounds appealing to someone who thinks they have "sophisticated" taste. But I watched a couple episodes and was pissing myself with laughter; I had to leave the room a couple times I could hardly breathe with tears running down my face. Watched the whole series and was really surprised with the depth of character development. Very satisfying series. Some of the acting is terrible, but you kind of accept it as part of the "style" of the show.

Another series that is awesome. "When We Left Earth" is a discovery documentary about the NASA space program from the mercury missions all the way to the shuttle and present day. Narrated by Gary Sinise. Full of incredible footage and interviews, including with some people who you don't normally see giving interviews on the details of NASA. Very very well done, could almost qualify for Attenborough status.

For movies, nothing too special, but Captain America has been making me pretty happy to watch.


I was able to start my obsessions with Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy by watching them on Netflix. During my lunch breaks I like to watch American Dad. They have over 100 episodes up and I can always find one I want to watch again.


Just restarted my Netflix. Thank you and gimme more! The Trailer Park series sounds irresistable.

Love Sherlock (BBC). The shows are so witty, fast-paced, and full of wonderful in-universe jokes that the logical issues don't matter so much. Also I suspect that someone at B Palace likes the show.


@coondogg97: It's definitely on Netflix...I don't pay for any "premium" cable channels so I only see the cool HBO series, etc. when they are available on Netflix.


@thedogma: idk it was my sunday marathon show like 3 months ago.


Eureka and Warehouse 13. And, for nostalgia's sake: Star Blazers.


Lot of the stuff I like has already been mentioned. Doctor who, sherlock, etc.. I've caught up on most of them anyway and I'm sure most people have. Right now I'm watching all of Frasier gotta love a classic.


According to our activity, our favorite is Dinosaur Train (we have a toddler). I was really fond of the "Comedy Central Presents..." series when it was on there (been gone for some time now). Honestly don't have a lot of time to watch TV shows on netflix for ourselves any more, we watch a movie once in a long while though.


I just started doctor who about 3 weeks ago. I'm almost done with Smith's first season :\


Lately I've been watching Frasier, The IT Crowd, Red Dwarf and Fawlty Towers. Next up is Black Adder.


Aw, not many anime fans on this thread...

- Full Metal Panic!
- Full Metal Panic! Fumofu!

It's in english. Yes, it's animated. But trust me, you'll love it.


My wife loves Weeds and Sons of Anarchy and Sparticus.

I like SOA, The Office, and Star Trek (slightly embarrased by that)

we've also seen and liked Arrested Development, Monk, L&O:SVU, 24, Merlin(BBC), and King of the Hill


Bleach. Although I wish they had all of it.

Netflix is great for Anime series with involved plot lines where missing one episode or seeing them out of order leaves you totally lost.


It's Always Sunny, lots of anime available as well.


I've watched a lot of anime on Netflix, but I wish they had an option for subbed since I prefer it to dubbed. There are certain shows that I have to just watch online somewhere because the English dub is so lousy.

And of course, I love just about every show that has been mentioned and have watched it.

Another good one if you're bored is X-Men cartoon series, for a good laugh at the terrible, terrible dialogue and voice acting.


Phineas & Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension, The Simpsons Movie, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Ratatouille, Monsters Inc., Spider-man 2, and some more!