questionswhat do you do with your change?


Silver change gets spent. Pennies either go into the giant vodka bottle in my bedroom or into the pennies for puppies donation jar at work, depending on where I am when I get annoyed by all the pennies in my wallet.


I keep a small amount at my desk at work, a nice pile of quaters in the car for the occasional parking emergency, the rest goes into a coin counter to be saved for family vacations.


I throw to the streets below, from my penthouse balcony and watch the paupers rip each other to shreds.

Okay, I put it in a large glass jar and when it fills up, I take to a coinstar machine and use the proceeds to buy more wine........yawn.....or maybe go out to dinner or something.

I don't collect that much change these days, thanks to my debit card.


My DH and I take our change to a battered women's shelter near us once a year. It ends up being just under $500.


Throw it at the bums.

Just kidding. The majority of my change goes to paying for parking.


I spend mine at the green market so I don't generate more change by paying in whole dollars. I then donate the leftover into a foodbank jar at the market for which in turn is given to people who need the funds.


I save it. I generally wait until there's something expensive I really want from Amazon or until whatever container I'm using gets full. I keep it off to the side (I have this big coin bank I found at Marshall's, it's just in a corner) and when it's full I'll probably take it to a coinstar.

Aside from using it as soon as possible/ keeping it in your car for a meter or something, I don't see much else to do with change.


It funds my coffee addiction at work.


Parking meters and charity donation/tip jars.


Change? Keep it in my pocket and use it next time I need it. I avoid having more than $2 in change at all.


I spend it. If it piles up in a jar, it gets taken to my credit union which has a fee-free coin counting machine in the lobby. Pour it in, and it gets deposited into your account.


I give it back to Obama! (rimshot please)


I launder it. Then I find it at the bottom of the washer or dryer and toss it into a jar I keep in the laundry room.


I save it in a piggy bank that sits next to my keys. It can typically hold about $150. I usually fill it up every 10-12 weeks. I then take it to the bank to be processed and then use the money to pay down credit card or car loan debt.

I really like the piggy bank:


I fill up a large jar with an ideal vacation/travel destination written on the outside (Hawaii for example). Once the jar is full, I take it to the bank and buy myself air fare or a few nights at a hotel! It may not pay for your whole trip but it can sure help you cut down on costs and get you to that tropical place you've been dying to visit!


What do I do with change?
Note: Maybe a little nsfw at the end.


I tend to gather it in my cup holders in my car, mostly from drive-thru encounters.
Then I eventually collect it all and move into my house (in a ziploc bag usually).
Then, I divide all the coins and count up my booty.
Then, I take a decent amount of the quarters (like $20) and put them in my car to use for tolls and those drive-thru encounters.
The rest I take to the bank.
...and the cycle continues.


save it for parking or to pay my library bill


Save it and parcel it out to grandkids for garage sales and flea markets.


Save it and cash it in every November at a Coin Star then do some Amazon Christmas shopping with it.


stick it in my butt and wait for my next prostate exam.

no1 no1

I save it in a plastic tub for special events.

Last time, I cashed it in for souvenirs at a concert.

I'll cash it in again in late May for Comic Con.


I have a stein on a top shelf in the living room, where I can't see into it. I can reach the lip of it to edge coins in, but can't reach into it at all. It's totally out of the way, and I never even think about it unless I have change in my hand. My rule is to not take it down and look inside because then I'll be tempted to take it to Coinstar and empty it and spend the cash. Once it's full (takes months) I dump it into a three gallon water bottle that I have at the back of a closet where I never have to see it. And then I start over on the stein.

Getting that water bottle filled is a years-long process. It's about half full right now. Last time, it had over a thousand bucks in it. A thousand bucks over a few years doesn't seem like much. But getting it all at once makes for a great time.


To everyone using Coinstar: I just found out recently that some banks (US Bank for example) have coin changing machines that you can use even if you don't bank there! Just dump your coins in, and it spits out a receipt. Then you can take it up to the counter and they'll hand you cash. It's a great way to avoid the ~10% cut of most coin changing machines!