questionsis this a duplicate?


I was curious about this the other day. Someone listed a sale on Bu-rays for $5, and other people had listed the movies individually.
I would also appreciate some clarification to the duplicate issue.


Smells like a duplicate to me, especially since your deal has all needed info to get to the deal (no matter which retailer ends up being chosen).


Definitely a duplicate. You mention Newegg in your deal. Tattled.

@atd15: My understanding that it is a duplicate if the items are explicitly listed in the original deal. Otherwise, I think they are fair game.


Based on the rules of which I am aware, I'd say that your "deal" from a week ago technically isn't a deal because there is no way to actually buy an item from your posting? As @jumbowoot has stated in the past, "Where is the Buy button?"

So, if your deal isn't really a deal, but rather a topic for an Ask the Community post (as in, "Were you aware that you can get a free XBox...?") then the new deal cannot be a duplicate.

It is quite possible that I missed a post changing the above, but I'm certain that at one time not too long ago, what I state above is correct.



See my answer just after yours.

I hate to post and run, but I have a 9AM meeting and cannot spent time searching for proof of what I wrote.


@atd15: I tattled on the listing that had all movies listed with individual links. It was deleted withing 5 minutes after having 100+ votes, although I provided a list of links to all of the individually listed deals.


I think the question is a duplicate


I think I have to agree with jumbo.... I think a deal should be limited to those pages with a "BUY" button and all others should be relegated to the questions board. After typing this I realize I am guilty of posting deals that didn't have a buy button per se. I'm thinking specifically of several coupon code/ % off discounts/ special one day only savings that I have posted over the years. Where these should fall, I'm not too sure???
For example, this deal for free admission to botanical garden. It received a boat-load of votes but didn't confirm to the "buy" button thinking.


Well looks like it qualified as a duplicate since the deal was removed.


@mkentosh: I think your face is a duplicate! :) (I voted up your comment so you wouldn't be at zero anymore)

Yeah guys I really don't know that's why I asked. However if these type of posts are considered dups then I think we'll be covered with posts from each retailer pointing out the same deal that is truly a Microsoft promotion, not a store promotion.

Also, I know and bow to the rules that @JumboWoot lays down around here. If he says it's okay since I didn't have a buy button I'll abide.


We would prefer to see the individual posts from the original stores where the item is offered.

Technically, the original post is more of an announcement but we let it stand much like we would let a "20% off storewide sale" stand. Individual items in that sale could be posted and not be considered duplicates.

Feel free to post the individual sales at each of the participating retailers.

Duplicate = Same item, same price, same store, same event.

All told.

The ibriian post has been deleted by mistake.
My apologies.