questionswhere do you find safe pc downloads of games?


@faughtey: I'm pretty sure they sent you an e-mail when you got the deal for free. I'm looking at my confirmation e-mail right now.

Try searching for "Bejeweled" in your e-mail, it should be from about 6 months back if that is the deal you got it from. The e-mail I received was from 10/10/10 and comes with a link to download it from PopCap.


@faughtey: I have tons of downloaded games and I have had to re-install most of them (I am VERY good at crashing my hard drive). If you can't find the email that was sent to you from Popcap, log into your account at Popcap and they should have a record that you purchased it and should allow you to do the re-install. If they don't, I can send you my Bejeweled as I haven't played it in forever.


@sykotek: Thank you! It was there, and downloaded perfectly, yay! I don't play games very often, but like this one.

@theoneill555: Thank you so much for the offer, it's very kind of you! This was my first hard drive crash.


A tip to avoid the crashes "You should not drink and hard drive"


I have to add this a free First Person Shooter
Not exactly Bedazzled, but a free game that is safe to download.


I was really surprised that there were no smart-ass answers like, isohunt, peerguardian, etc.

Way to go Woot!

Why download games when the most fun can be had on:


I installed Bejeweled 2 Deluxe from WildGames and it has a virus that has crashed may hard drive twice. Anyone else had trouble with games from WildGames?


@cindihoward: Are you POSITIVE it was from WildTangent? Or is it possible you coincidentally got a virus around the same time, from somewhere else?

WildTangent is a big company that's been around for a long time. They actually have supplied a lot of games that are pre-installed on some Windows systems. never know. :D!


@xarous: I have all of my fun here, on GIRP!

Once you play GIRP! you will never play another game. Because you'll hate games.


Once you play CRAPSHOOT! You'll hate games forever. Online games, at least.

Fixed that for ya.


@drchops: yeah, you reeled me in with that one yesterday...and you are absolutely correct about hating games after GIRPing. it is such a QWOPy game...


@jarmbrecht: Haha...this question is what prompted me to post that thread..

I find myself getting sucked back in at least once a day - I'll check my e-mail and there'll be a QWOP Deals.Woot message in there. Then I proceed to get pissed of and quit again :D. Wash, rinse, repeat.

It's all about tricking that bird.


piratebay, everything there is safe, trust me.