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Thats pretty cool. only 8 hr and 28 minutes until work is over.... :-(

EDIT:This is kinda like a google doodle question. A certain Mod that doesn't like to be poked will take care of this. neener neener (musically) you're gonna get deleted neener neener


Google has a few tools like this. I use the size converter a lot. For example, if you type in "feet to meters" or "cups in a gallon" it gives you the conversion directly, rather than a link to one. It also gives you business addresses and phone numbers of businesses without having to go to their web page. if you type in (City) Petsmart, for example, the first entry is the company's website, the second is a simple contact list of all of them in town. This is especially useful when you are trying to get the local phone number for a hotel or pizza place rather than the national toll free line, which is usually all you will get from the corporate page.


Hmmm, that could be rather useful when trying to snipe an ebay deal. Not that I would ever do that...


@pitamuffin: I've made about 1000 eBay purchases, and I always snipe. It's perfectly legal and acceptable, and it keeps me from being up all night and/or getting into an emotional bidding war.

If you're in need of a cheap, exceptionally reliable sniping system, you might want to check out I've used them since 2002 and have never had a problem with them. Essentially, I pay $.50 for each "bid credit." If I win the auction, it costs me one bid credit; if I lose, there's no charge.


@nmchapma: One would hope not, since it's technically about a free service or deal. But if it does, [shrug] Life as we know it will go on.


@moondrake: I love and use both those features, too, especially the conversion one. I also use it for currency conversion, just typing in [ $4.00 to euros ].


@magic cave: Delete the "s". I never care enough about a single EBay auction to snipe or maneuver. I bid on a hundred things at a time, get twenty or thirty and call it a day. But i mostly buy jewelry makings, not items for personal use.


@moondrake: Ahh. Okay; that would make sense. Most of what I buy is from BIN sales; I really don't have the interest or patience to play with bidding. On the few things I want that require a bid, I figure what I'm willing to pay, set a snipe, and never look back. Eventually I'll get an email telling me I won or lost.


pitamuffin, I use esnipe. If I see something I'm interested in buying I just go to esnipe, put in the highest price I'm willing to pay and forget about it until the auction is over and I get an email from esnipe telling me if I've won or lost. esnipe also has 'bid groups' so if you are looking for a specific item and see several auctions for it, you can group them so that if you win one the esnipe system won't bid on any of the others, but will keep bidding (up to your predetermined max bid) until you either win one of them or they all end.---And, you can set different bid maximums for each auction so that if what you are bidding on is, say, a book, and you'd pay more for a hardback than a paperback, you can set your bids accordingly for each auction. Very cool and handy feature IMO.


@pitamuffin: What do you mean? That's the ONLY way to shop on ebay!


I was going to do this, but now I'm playing the Google Doodle piñata game instead.


For sniping I use they are either free or $6 a year and have always been reliable. I do the donation which gets me the default snipe and a backup, but the free service works fine.