questionswho else is excited about amazon adding the harry…


Funny story I thought about asking this question. Then decided not to. Then decided to and came back and found this one. I haven't really used my prime account to check out books. I should start though. There's just no nice way to navigate through them.


To make things easier on yourself use a Kindle to browse the library.
Instructions can be found here...


If you use this method wouldn't it take 7 months to read them all? Is that how it works- you only get one free rental per month?


I would think that if someone is excited about it, wouldn't they already own the books anyway? I can't imagine there are too many people who wanted to read Harry Potter that have been waiting for it to be "free."

I guess I can see some readers who have a marginal interest now wanting to try it out, but the whole announcement seems odd since the series has been out so long and most avid readers would have read and/or purchased the books long ago.

I guess I could also see where some people may want to re-read the books and only borrowed them the first time.

Perhaps I don't understand because I am not an avid reader...


@gopvifootball: Yes that is how it works. Something tells me the Amazon Lending Library may change its 1 month 1 book deal. This deal will probably coincide with the new Kindle when it is released.


@wnyx585am: I too am not an avid reader and I personlly have only read 3 of the 7 book collection.

However, I read more on my Kindle than I ever have with regular books. I always wanted to read the other Potter books, just did not want to spend the money on them or take the time to go to the library to check them out. Amazon Prime has provided many benefits and this is just an icing on the cake thing for me.


I bought all of the books a while ago when the e-book version was made available on Potterverse. With only 1 free book loan a month, I don't really understand why Amazon thinks this is something to get excited about.