questionswhere/ how can i get an item authenticated?


A COA would be the best bet, but I think that the only other alternative would be to find a handwriting expert. The former would be easier to get than the latter, unles you live near the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Vegas. :)

EDIT: After I read the question, the best way to get a COA would probably be to contact someone in the band, email them a close-up photo of the guitar and ask if they could provide one for you. Good luck!


@jsimsace: As luck would have it I can actually do that. That's not a bad idea. Thanks!


@jsimsace: lol, I was just about to make the same comment about the pawn shop.

@thedogma: best o' luck


I have a smiliar problem with a hockey jersey.

It was signed by all the members of the Tampa Bay Lightning about 3 months before they won the cup.

No idea how to prove it.


A COA is unnecessary. If you need a COA to prove its authenticity, it is worthless.

Does every Elvis signature have a COA? How about John Hancock? Maybe Leonardo Da Vinchi's paintings come with a COA?



Yea they probably just do not display it. Those items come with all kind of paperwork.


@rustybender: Just contact thier PR office. Shouldn't be hard for them to send you an email. Would think providing a closeup photo would help.

Or just mail it to me and I'll run it through some friends who know the team. Might take me about 20 years to return it though. :)


@brian188: You must not sell a lot of autographed stuff. Most people will not purchase unless they know for sure if the item is authentic.


@brian188: those items would be worthless without a COA, yes. COA proves that something is what it claims to be, it does nothing but add value.

@bingo969: Yeah, that's true. I found the label's corporate office's phone number (a lot easier than I thought it would be) so I plan on calling on Monday, explaining the situation and asking if a COA is possible to obtain


I've been wondering this myself. I won an autographed Ozzy Osbourne boxed set a few months ago, but I have no certificate proving it's authentic. Heck, even I'm not 100% sure if it's authentic or not, and I don't think Ozzy's the easiest guy to get a hold of to ask.