questionswhy do people down vote bitsdujour posts?


I find it perplexing that they have been posting deals for 3 years, and still have no clue on how to do it correctly. This is not eBay, where you cram as many words into the title as possible. They would have better luck in drawing positive attention to their deals if they were noticing the corrections the mods make, in order to draw in more traffic from Google and Bing.


I hadn't noticed that they were, however it may be for the same reason some people's posts get upvoted every time just because of who posted them, even when the item posted is clearly not a 'deal'.


bitsdujour software often comes with conditions. You get discounts and software with limitations like no free upgrades or limited support. There is no such thing as a free lunch applies to bitsdujour and that's why the deals get down voted. PS You get lots of Email offers and if you opt out the spam starts. It did in My case. Thankfully Yahoo has a good spam filter.


The software is often booby-trapped. Typical bitsdujour experience:
1. Download software, activate with "free" key
2. After a couple of months, software prompts you to upgrade to new version/existing version "expires"
3. Install upgrade.
4. Discover that "free" key will not activate upgraded software.
5. Revert to old version (you kept a copy, right?)
6. Discover that "free" key is no longer valid to reactivate old version.
...and now you can no longer use the "free" software.

In other words, what you get via bitsdujour is an elaborately disguised Free Trial. There would be nothing wrong with that if it were actually represented that way, not misrepresented as free software.


@czetie: You nailed it! That has been my experience with EVERY "deal" I have gotten via BDJ. It's not free software it's a free trial. I hate those guys - they consistently misrepresent what you are getting, and sometimes it's even worse than what you describe. A few times I've even found I would have had to buy something else to get the "free" deal. They are not worth the effort for what little benefit you may or may not get from what they offer.


For me, part of it is the All Caps, All The Time posting method. It's petty, I know, but it annoys me. It also smacks of a bot doing the work rather than a person which is a big red flag to me.


The free software is just trial-ware.. and their paid programs are just repackaged junk that you can get free (and much better) alternatives.


Hey guys, we're really sorry to hear that some of you have had a bad experience with our deals - totally not our intention!

Our 100% Off deals often do have tighter controls such as no support, or they may have to be installed and registered while the promotion is live. We make sure and detail all of this in our "Fine Print" tab, and to run a 100% promotion with us we insist that the exact same software is for sale on the web somewhere.

As many of you know we work directly with the software developers to arrange our deals, and we've been in the business for over five years now and stand by our record.