questionshow to handle black mold in ac?


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I've Googled this problem all morning and it seems to be 50/50. Half say clean it, no biggie, just make sure it's dry before you turn it on. The other half say pitch it, It's not worth the risk.


Two thoughts:

(1) Mold spores are very, very tiny and all it can take is a couple left behind for the mold to return.

(2) I am never buying a used A/C unit from craigslist.


i would be more tempted to try non diluted bleach (hey it's a buck a bottle) and a good scrubbing followed by letting it sit in the sun for a couple days.


If you are really talking about true black mold, you need to consult with a professional. Black mold is associated with many illnesses, and the spores could now be all over the house. We have a builder whose entire subdivision was quarantined and shut down by the health dept because of black mold. He did not install enough roof vents and the black mold developing in the attics spread and literally sickened every home.

Here is the CDC link to black mold:


most likely, it's not true "black mold". Just get a bug sprayer and some bleach. 1 part bleach to 16 parts water should do the trick.


@mellielou: @anorion

What is true black mold?

What would the black moldy looking spots be?


I've got some professional experience here.

Getting "black mold" or any mold for that matter, out of things is either very hard or not so hard depending upon what it is.

An air conditioner is in the "not so hard" camp. The non porous metals can be easily cleaned and sanitized with the dilute bleach that you used and some good scrubbing. Just make sure that you have rinsed throughly and it is dry. You should be able to salvage this.

The next time you put your AC away for the season make sure that you have cleaned all the coils of all dust and there is no condensation anywhere on it.


Firebomb. That's about the size of it.


I am not sure if this helps but a coworker of mine has a mold issue with the AC unit in his car. The mechanic told him to spray Lysol to it. I'm sure there are steps involved and what you need to watch for when you spray... hope this is a little bit of help.


@jordan711: It is a specific mold associated with building materials, in the right conditions. The scientific name is Stachybotrys chartatum. Here's the wiki:

Here is a good pic:

If you watch "Holmes on Homes", he encounters this every once in a while, and immediately the safety gear goes on. The stuff is scary.


No. The only thing you can do is offer that air conditioner to the Woot! gods and hope they hear your plea and send you a free (refurbished, previously returned for black mold) Air Condition 3000.

But seriously though, unless you made the mistake my dad did and stick it on the lower half of a window sill wall...



@jordan711: It's probably mildew. Use a stronger bleach solution.


amazon sells pills that you put in the drain box .i used them when i worked for one of the hiltons. they did cut down the gunk and icky stuff .try them try them! they are cheap....