questionssome irony on woot...


Yeah, but to counter, the choices of frames very every time.


Do you think it has anything to do with where it's placed in the sponsored deals? It seems like items 1 - 3 usually do pretty well with the votes. Places 4 and 5 usually don't fare as well.


@pitamuffin: You do know that the positions change as they get voted up or down, right?


@pitamuffin: They're ranked by user votes. So if they're unpopular, they end up at the bottom.

@xarous: I did not know that. Fair point haha


Right, but I meant as a psychological kind of thing. You see it in the bottom 2 and you're more likely to downvote just because of where it already is.


@pitamuffin: I've found that most voters here are sheep not shepherd.


@pitamuffin: Fair enough. I suppose I could see that influencing some users


@pitamuffin: I agree. I wonder how poorly those sponsored deals that fall to the bottom on the day's ranks would fare if they were NOT sorted by popularity.


@blgauthier: It would be interesting if the number of votes was not revealed until maybe after you've voted or later on in the day. I bet the ranking and voting would be somewhat different due to the shepherd/sheep analogy. I must confess that I sometimes vote on the sponsored deals depending upon their "dealness" and at other times based on how I think everyone else will vote. Usually dependent upon the kind of mood I'm in...


@jimmyd103: @blgauthier: I tend to be very selective with my downvotes. I admit that seeing a lot of downvotes makes me more willing to downvote, but generally my rule is that if I like it, I upvote it. If I don't have a strong opinion, I leave it alone. If I actually think it's a bad deal, that's typically when I downvote. I sometimes do downvote for the whole "If it's offered every day it's not a deal" mentality, but not often. Just because it's offered every day doesn't mean its a bad deal. $50 off for a first purchase or a free month of a service or whatever, even if offered year round are still potentially good finds.


I pretty much limit my downvotes to items I oppose for personal reasons, regardless of cost. Some people might be offended by that, I guess, but I lost my father to lung cancer so I always downvote smoking related items.


I bought a steamer from woot! a few months ago I don't need an iron anymore


Honestly, with the Sponsored deals, I don't use the same criteria as the user posted ones. I up/down vote a sponsored deal based on how good the offer is and how useful I think it is to know about them. I know the eyeglass place is ALWAYS going to have an extra pair free and so is every other eyeglass business...not impressed. The travel sites may be running specials for certain flights, and considering that most of us travel to Vegas less often than purchasing glasses, I think that info is useful to someone about to book a trip, so I upvote. And I don't care how many times Moofi offers it (because they don't have to compete w/ the up/down vote either!), I'm not paying $500 for a USED vacuum cleaner, I don't care what kind of weather pattern its packing.


I don't think it's fair to compare the Netflix trial offer with the low-cost/free glasses. The Netflix offer just isn't really a deal, overall. Whereas, even if Coastal's prices are always that low, they are offering a normally expensive product for extremely low cost - a deal.