questionscan anyone recommend a decent torch cig lighter?


I'm not sure there really is a decent one out there. They burn through butane at ridiculous rates. It's expensive and inconvenient. You'll spend significantly less by picking up a 6 pack of Bics. I'm still working through the pack I bought over a year ago. Bics purchased in a sealed multipack last significantly longer than the individual counter displays. (~5 months versus ~3 weeks, and never had a wheel jam up)

With butane you'll find yourself running out at inconvenient moments, which means a can of dangerous gas under pressure must be lugged around with you everywhere you go...


I don't smoke but I'm an engineer and I almost always have a Ronson Jetlite on me for improvised soldering, heat shrink tubing, etc. At under $10 it's not going to win any awards, but it is steel and I've been using and abusing the same lighter for almost 4 years now. I use it at least once a day and refill it once every couple months. It's been pretty reliable but I have had to take it apart a few times to clean out accumulated pocket lint. I'm not sure what the previous guy was talking about with regard to butane being expensive and inconvenient. I bought a medium bottle for a couple of dollars when I got the lighter and I still haven't used it all up.