questionswhat do you know about the hdtv brand "sceptre"?


I'm using one right now as a second screen. I can see this post and everything. I have had it for about two years. No major problems but the power cord doesn't stay in too well. It is not the best picture because it was a budget one but it works fine for the web and document stuff I do on it.


I bought 3 or 4 of them (27" versions) to use as demo monitors at trade shows. I made this decision on price alone, as the cost of renting is more than the cost to buy. I've since shipped them all around the country multiple times and none of them have bit the dust so far. The picture is good (I never fed the HDMI in though), but if you're planning to use it as a computer monitor, the model I had would not tilt forward/backwards.


Sceptre made some of the first 15" CRT computer monitors and have been around since then