questionshave you seen the article today about woot execs…


The article is 3 hours old and they've already had to up the number who have left. If they are going to keep a running tally, I think they will be very busy with updates.


Used to be they left one at a time. Now that Woot has a shopping basket, 6 are checking out together. Dang you, Shopping Basket!


From the article: "Update: after publishing, we found out about another departure: lead developer Shawn Miller is also leaving, with his last day May 17."

OH NOES!!! NOT @Shawnmiller!!!


Reading the article, I get the distinct impression any one of us could have written it, or that all the author had to do to get fully clued in on Woot's problems was eavesdrop on AtC for a few months.

Meanwhile, does anyone recognize any of the departing execs as being names/voices we're familiar with around here?

"CTO Luke Duff, who has been the technical lead for all things Woot since 2005; CFO Rene Gonzalez; Dave Rutledge, who had been the creative lead on all of Woot’s editorial content as president of Woot Workshop; and Jay Johnson, leading both the deals and affiliate marketing divisions at the company as director of deals.woot. Rydl and Gonzalez have already left, and the other three have given notice but will be with the company for another week."

Dave Rutledge is @snapster's brother, per the article. Jay Johnson = @jumbowoot ???


@magic cave: Yeah, it appears @jumbowoot is one of the people leaving. I haz a sad. All told


@magic cave: Correct. Adding to that, @dave bug is a new father recently too, so I'm not surprised for the timing at all.

Another recent departure I noticed - @thefenst, who was one of the account managers for sponsored deals. This is on top of moderator @inkycatz and writer @llandar, both of whom left a couple months ago.

It can't easy walking away from what has been a major part of their lives, and I definitely get a huge sense of sadness when folks are leaving. Woot will go on, no doubt, but in what direction?


Adios, @jumbowoot. Happy landings, and I'll lift a nice glass of wine in your honor this evening.

Everything changes. Everything.

Dearest @prettywootprincess, will you be left alone in the wilderness? Truly, I haz a sad.

With @thefenst already long gone (quietly, too, I might add), and @wootiewooterson having moved on to other things within Woot, this is probably one of the saddest moments.


[Edit: Forgot to wave goodby to @dave bug (and probably a dozen others that we just don't know about).}


@narfcake: "Woot will go on, no doubt, but in what direction?" Not in any direction most of us will like, I expect. I placed a comment to that effect on the TechCrunch site.

@shrdlu: "Everything changes. Everything." Indeed, but I don't have to like it, not one damned bit.


@llandar: Printing to PDF, because...

Well, we know why...

Okay, now that your excellent answer is preserved, just have to say, I've been reluctant to believe most of the stories, and yet I'm unsurprised. Amazon has long been known as a company that likes to "trim" the bottom ten percent, and it makes for the opposite of a collegial environment.


@shrdlu: Someday I'll work up the courage to publish my book, "Amazombie Apocalypse" about just how nuts that place is.


@llandar: thanks for the fun, while it lasted


@ecriscit: It was a blast! To be sure I still consider most everyone at Woot friends of mine.

My frustrations and anger are at the changes Amazon inflicted while telling us, "No, you're still zany. You're still Woot." But we just weren't. And as writers we were specifically told by the CEO that we were to police the brand and make sure we didn't lose our identity as a site. Then he cut us out of every single meeting and decision and wrote people up for pointing out when non-Woot-like decisions were made.


@shrdlu: In my experience the only things Amazon measures are: How much revenue did you generate? How many meetings did you take?

Revenue's a big deal. I get that. A company ceases to exist without it. But when everyone is obsessed on a yearly/quarterly/monthly/weekly/daily number to hit in order to meet whatever goal has been set to appease shareholders, the culture goes from "what can we do that will make a splash?" to "what can we do that is the lowest possible risk and will generate some cash?" It completely killed the irreverence at Woot because no one was willing to stake their name to a shipment of LeakFrogs in case it wouldn't make a million bucks.

Turns out I'm not a "billion-dollar-international-retail-giant" kind of guy, and I'm okay with that.


Very sad, indeed. Though, like @shrdlu said, many of us were reluctant to admit just how south things were flying, time has come to just ride it with the realistic notion that at any moment we, the customers/deal posters/forum extraordinaires will have to jump off before the big boom. I hope it is as easy for the rest of the staffers still on board to make a clean break on their own terms.

What a statement from the Execs! I'd love to say "Gee, take that Amazon!" but as I've mentioned before I have a decent sized circle of Amazon friends, many of whom to this day say "Woot? What's that?". Just another drop in a very big bucket that is Amazon.


@jumbowoot Best of luck to you in the future & thanks for all the free crap you've given me over the last few years. You were a big part in what originally made this place awesome.


Resistance is useless. We(Amazon) are the Borg, You( woot) will be assimilated.
Humor is necessary to deal with serious stuff.


I saw this on Twitter and it made me frown. Sad day for all of us. Thanks to those that were such a large influence to deals and Woot.


@stile99: When we first heard his name, the writers all (obviously) agreed we had to comment on it. Before we even met the guy some messenger came through to warn us not to even think about making the joke.

Then we pitched a bunch of ideas to introduce him to the community, since a big part of Woot was accessibility between our community and our people. They weren't even considered and he made it clear he wanted no part of talking to our customers. Dude just doesn't get it.


Where are they going from here? Take me with you!! Especially if it is on the west coast.

No but seriously. If I find out where these guys end up, I am applying.

@llandar: any hints?


To all who are leaving woot: congrats ;) and i hope to run into you or some amazing project of yours in this internet universe, in the future


Hopefully the will all start a new ONE sale a DAY site and bring back what we miss!!!

Although that is a moot! point.


@llandar: Thank you for your insider tales; they're good to hear about, even if they are wildly depressing.

i used to work for a large organization whose vice president (the one under whom -- several levels down -- I worked for) tells his managers that if he'd be there when they were hired he wouldn't have hired any of them. It was always clear that our department was the red-headed step-child of the company. No one should have to work with despots and petty tyrants nor be made to feel like an easily replaceable, faceless cog.

I'm glad not to be there any more, and I hope your landing elsewhere is a good and happy change for you.


@llandar: "... since a big part of Woot was accessibility between our community and our people."

Indeed - it's a major part of what made Woot "Woot" - the camaraderie that's practically non-existent at any other e-commerce site. Additionally, fully recognizing the customer base and their habits - it made the site enjoyable; even if we didn't like the item sold that day, folks stuck around.

And when it was so obvious that the item of the day is crap (that doesn't come in a bag) - we were told that in the write up! Some of us still bought it too!

Alas, there's much much less of that these days ...

Thanks for speaking out, Randy. Even before the slide, I'm sure there were assignments you didn't enjoy writing in the past (like @ramyb's bunnies!), but they were certainly enjoyed by Wooters.

Good luck to @dave bug, @jumbowoot, and to everyone else who's seeking a different change now. It's not an easy decision but a very well respected one.


@countdown: Don't know. When you're as savvy and talented as the group of people leaving, you can pretty much write your own ticket wherever you decide to land.


@coondogg97: OK, I'm going to register right now.

The Website Formerly Known As Woot.

Being serious I did not register it, but it is available. Hint hint.


@narfcake: I got in trouble for arguing in the forums now and then, but I like to think (or delude myself) that it was because I was so invested in the site and this place. Woot was the coolest job I've ever had and when it started sliding to "just a job" all the way down to "a gig I didn't look forward to" it was really upsetting.

I don't write jokes about iPods any more, but I get to leave my work at work and actually pursue my own interests in my off-time. Amazon just doesn't allow that sort of work-life balance.


@snapster, @dave bug, @shawnmiller, @jumbowoot, @llandar, @inkycatz and to everyone else who has left, are leaving, have plans to leave or are trying to stick it out:
Thank you for the vision, the many years of laughs each morning when I started my day reading the write-ups, the fun, and the occasional BOCs & coupons-
It was quite a unique experience!
Good luck to you all wherever you land.


One of the comments from the TechCrunch article:

"When fighting the state of Texas about its tax burden there, Amazon straight up said they would rather cut Woot HQ employees loose and lay those lost jobs at the feet of TX politicians rather than pay taxes. Texas agreed to examine the issue later. It's not a matter of IF they'll cut those guys loose, but when."


How about a new site by the team formerly known as woot and calling it Moot. Don't know if it is available but if You are successful selling it to Amazon and making even more bucks would be an option. You could just keep creating wootalikes and selling them to Amazon who obviously don't want woot but bought it to reduce competition. If Amazon really wanted woot they would have attempted to preserve it in a true to woot form.


Good luck to everyone that's leaving and yet to leave.

Thanks for having created what was once a fun time here.


@mybestuser1: Just what I was thinking, they bought it to kill it.


It's whole thing makes me sad.


Why is this a shock to anyone?


@impulsivepragmatist: Maybe not to kill it but I am sure Amazon wanted certain features of woot including the customer base.


This explains a lot, even if much was already assumed. Good luck all, you will be (and already are) missed by many.


You know, there are times in my life when I enjoy a certain amount of smugness when I say, "I told you so." This is not one of those times.

It is very, very sad to me that woot no longer IS. That the employees that made it woot - i.e. fun, humorous, self-deprecating, enticing & so much more...perhaps, addictive (yes!) ...have left, are leaving or will be. (@thunderthighs, please take care sweet one!)

Heartfelt best wishes to everyone. I am so sorry. For you and your (presumed) disappointments. And, I'm sad for the community (us) that loved you.

Oh, and loved to disagree/argue w/you. I will miss you. A great deal.

Edited to add: Many thanks to the OP @sassymango for publishing this. I would not have seen it.


@mkentosh: It's not so much that it's a shock, but rather, that they're leaving in such a compacted time frame.

@mybestuser1: I don't think it's the customer base, but the customer's loyalty. What they're failing to grasp is that it's the not the site that keeps us here, but the humor, irrelevance, and the community that does. Without that, it's just another e-commerce site ...


Ah crap. Another of my favorite sites about to bite the dust. You just ruined Mother's Day for me.

Good luck to all those moving/moved on, and thanks for what was an awesome site. And to those still stuck under Vader's power, good luck and may the force of appreciative Wootizens be with you.


@shrdlu: Good call on saving the thread, as I notice that @llandar's post, which was a top comment, is redacted now.


@narfcake: Just printed again. Wonder if I missed anything else?


@shrdlu: Please to be sharing as I got here late and missed lots.
PM linky

j5 j5

@gmwhit: Did I miss something? Is @thunderthighs leaving? I sure hope not, she makes midnight around here fun!


Dammit, I just realized something that is going to make me really sad. Yes, it's true, @shawnmiller, I will miss your math links and discussions. Bummer bummer bummer.

Happy landings, don't be a stranger, you can always sneak back with another account, we won't tell.

Now I'm sad all over again.

@conanthelibrarian, I believe that we're stuck with TT for the duration. Yay!


@narfcake: Little chance @profhotpants will be coming back then?

j5 j5

@conanthelibrarian: No, not that I know of. And yet, why should she stay? I am concerned for her. That's all.


I'm sure they all or most had to sign something when Amazombie bought them that precludes them from starting another similar business. Pretty standard w/ buyouts and takeovers.
And they also may have had to sign contracts that kept them here this long. That could explain the timing of the mass exodus.

Turns out the mothership is a deathstar.

Farewell Rebels ! May the Force be with you ! @jumbowoot @shawnmiller @dave bug and the rest who left already........