questionschange deal image?


No, but you can tattle and specify what image you want, maybe even tell them the URL of the image so they can find it.

For example:

When I posted it, deals couldn't find the image. So I tattled and gave them the image URL for it when you right click on the image. They look something like this,


Staff could change an image. You would notify them using the tattle button. Ideally you would include a link to the correct image.

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When you're adding the deal discription, there is usually a small arrow on each side of the image that it brings in by default. You can click on these arrows to try and find the best image for the product. If one is not found, take @catbertthegreat's advice.


If you select the "no image available" option, Staff will sometimes add an appropriate one (time permitting). But @catbertthegreat's idea is probably better.


I tattle on my postings all the time and the fabulous woot! people get a pic usually in minutes. Pics really bring attention to the posting.


@theoneill555: Me too! Some places like you have to tattle every time to get a picture up.


@faughtey: I have to for most of my toy r us deals