questionsanyone here like to eat?


I don't buy a lot of food online due to shipping costs. The only food I routinely buy online is tea. The food deals I take advantage of from postings here are notices of local food deals and specials. In fact when I am going to order a pizza the first thing I do is come here and run a search for the most recently posted pizza deals.


Mallowmars are shipped down from canada seasonally. I can't see why woot can't sell items when appropriate (i.e. chocolates in the cooler months).

What I want to know is when the hell woot is planning on selling that delicious rainbow popcorn I bought from them in December.


Hmmm..... Food by mail. I've paid almost $100 for seven pints of gourmet ice cream; about half the cost was dry-ice overnight shipping. I've bought Mike & Ike candy in four-pound containers, and pistachios in five-pound sacks. Various fruits, jellies, sauces, and marinades. I once bought an entire case of Tim Tams from an Australian bakery because I couldn't find the damned things anywhere in the US. And I've sent cookies, candies, fruits, nuts, and combinations thereof for gifts for far-away family.

I'm normally not supportive of adding yet another Woot sub, but Food.... Yes, I'd be interested in that, especially if the prices were a bit more modest than Jeni's great ice creams and sorbets.


Keep a watch on wine.woot, there's a few gourmet food items there from time to time.

Last time I bought food online, it was a case of Peppadew peppers. Couldn't find them in any stores around me, so I bought a case of 12 jars straight from the source. Unfortunately, 12 jars just went too far and I let about half expire. But those are goooood!


I buy more food than wine at wine.woot. Love the gourmet selections of goodies I can't find locally. Best buys so far are the Bacon Jam and (OMGOMGOMG!) the Fleur de Sel Dark and Milk Chocolate Salted Caramels! The last time these were offered Woot was careful to let us know that they would not be offered again until Fall, so I stocked my freezer. I haven't exhausted my supply YET but I am noting that Fall officially started yesterday so.......

I don't know whether Woot is ready to add another site, but here's an idea for a Food.woot page: feature specialty items from around the country! As a business model, I would think that businesses who feature local food specialties would appreciate the opportunity to spread the word about their products and it would be exciting as a customer to see kringles from Wisconsin, jams from Pennsylvania Dutch country, salmon from the Pacific Northwest, and, of course, King Cake from Louisiana.


Hmmm. Looks in mirror. Sigh. Will try to avoid this question.



the caramels!!!!! they might have had a bit to do with the 40 extra pounds I now carry around.


No, I hate to eat.

For those who do enjoy it however, the closest you'll probably ever get to Woot food listings will be on wine.woot.


@belyndag: Or regional soda. Ale8 from Kentucky, Ski from a few regions, some of Lester's Fixins, and finish of with some Fitz's Root Beer from St. Louis.


food woot!? You could go to McDonalds any time for a Bag of Crap


@belyndag: Oh, THAT'S why the caramels haven't been up recently. I missed the notice. Well. This is good news for seasonal change.


@mossygreen: yup, I think they just don't ship the melty goodness of chocolate covered caramels when the weather is hot.