questionscan you remember your dreams?


Training to control your dreams is a great way to build a pathway towards insanity.

Sometimes I can think about a topic before going to bed and dream about it. I have to really concentrate on it and sort of flood my mind with different aspects about what I am trying to dream about.

As for remembering my dreams, I keep a pen and pad next to my bed to write down important or great dreams. I dissect what happens and diagnose what my worries/issues are based on the dreams. I picked it up after some psychotherapy in high school and have kept it up since then. It's fun to know what certain dreams mean and figure out what is stressing me out on a sub-conscious level.


I remember the most vivid nightmares and night terrors. Every once in a while I remember a dream that matters, those I don't even need to write down - they just stick with me.

But usually, I don't remember my dreams.


Not really. Wife finished crushing those about 10 years ago.


When I was younger over a time span of a few years: I would realize I was dreaming and wake up. I then figured out I could have fun in a dream. I actually enjoyed walking on walls more then flying. I also had recurring nightmares, at first I was too terrified in the dream to control it. The demon wolves would catch me seconds from safety after a lengthy chase. Finally I got control, I was able to run faster then possible and made it to my destination grab my bb gun and shoot the demon wolves. I have not have a vivid dream since. No more walking on walls.

Side note: I fell from a great distance in a dream, hit the ground, bounced a few feet and hit it again, and I lived.


I'm usually able to remember my dreams; most times I don't want to. Supposedly there is a way to control your dreams, and it will soon be available at a store near you! You can check it out here

@caffeine_dude: that is pretty intense!


It's rare for me to remember any portion of my dreams. Sometimes I'll wake up knowing that I dreamed about something, but it's just a faint memory.
I always find it almost strange when I remember my dreams.


I spent a little while training myself to control dreams. It's very possible, fun, and sometimes times you do feel like you're slipping from reality when you get good enough to train your subconscious to do what you want. I agree with @curtisuxor that it can be a pathway towards insanity for some.

The key is keeping a dream journal. Every time you remember a dream, write everything you remember about it down, right away. Try to be specific with the strange details. Eventually, when you read through all your entries, you will start to see patterns that sometimes happen in dreams. For me, I often have dreams where my beard and hair start growing very very long. Like unreasonably long. These signals are unique for everyone, but when you recognize them, and commit them to memory, you will notice them as the signals, while you are dreaming. That's when you become aware of dreaming while you dream. It's really cool to mess around with :)


@caffeine_dude: I also survived one of those falling dreams. I didn't wake up right away, I just kind of floated there, realizing I was dreaming and that hitting the ground was supposed to mean I was really dead. So I spent some time thinking I was never going to wake up and wondering what would happen next. But then I woke up.


I tend to remember best the ones right before I wake up, or at least the ends of them.


I remember starting a new prescription and having very strange dreams. Like one that was nothing but colors and shapes. I asked the doctor about it and he said that as long as I'm not having nightmares, it's nothing to worry about.

I have also had recurring dinosaur dreams since I was little. I'm usually being chased by a dino and hide in a really stupid place. My sister suggested that I may have these dreams more often when I feel as if I'm dealing with a huge problem that I can't avoid. I like to think that I have the dreams because dinosaurs are cool.


Wow! You guys have had some pretty intense experiences! Most of the time when I experience lucid dreaming I'm on some kind of adventure and then I wake up and decide that I want to finish my adventure so I go back to sleep.

@eraten, that mask seems pretty legit! I kinda want one now.

Also, I've read in a couple places that if you learn how to control your dreams you can actually practice something while you're dreaming. Like playing an instrument or something. And you'll get better! Anyone have experience with this?


I remember some of my dreams. Usually it's those that happen right before I wake up and/or those that I have repeatedly.
When I was in college, I used to have the "everything goes wrong" nightmare after events happened. It was mostly related to theatrical productions I was a part of. The first three or so nights after a show closed I usually had dreams about sets falling down and things catching fire and such. I always found it odd that it was not before the performances but after.


The dreams I remembered as a kid were all disturbing. When I was 9 my mother started giving all my toys to my 1 yr old sister. One of my favorites was a stuffed Kermit the Frog. One night I dreamt that as I was lying in the top bunk of my bunk beds that my door flew open. There in the light of the hallway I see the silhouette of Kermit, but he has a meat cleaver in his hand. Then he does something like this: but with a little more malice to it and starts running toward me (with the cleaver). Just as one green felt hand reaches up on to my mattress I woke up.


Yes, but only the good or happy ones :)


I often have really intense and convoluted action-oriented dreams that make me semi-wake up in the middle of them and think, "omg---I need to get Spielberg* on the phone right NOW---this would make such an awesome movie!!!!!" and go right back to sleep to see how things all turn out.

Then when I wake up in the am and try to replay it in my head, it's like "wtf was THAT?!!!" because it makes no sense whatsoever.

*No, I do not know him or have his phone number, LOL.