questionshow can i buy these funky animal water noodles…


Cathy, you've posted your email on to what amounts as a public bulletin board. If you can no longer seem to purchase the noodles, it's perhaps because the deal has expired. It happens. If the deal has a small tombstone next to it, it means it's dead. Get it? Tombstone? RIP? Dead?

Your best bet for finding a new deal is to search for pool noodles here on deals using the handy dandy search feature. If no joy, then go on to your favorite search engine and use its "shopping" category. Something is bound to come up. I also like to use a website called

Good luck and welcome to the community.


the deal you have picked,
is not available now,
you must seek elsewhere.


I did a search, and they are on here, but those deals were posted three years ago. And while they are not listed as RIP, with the tombstone and all (we all know lots of deals never get RIP'ed like they should), those deals have long since expired. Looks like it was some third-party seller on Amazon, but no longer available at any price.

And as already pointed out, never post your email like you did. Hopefully a mod will delete it soon.



Just want you to know
Somewhat sneaky poetry
Is not lost on me