questionswhat kind of tablet should i recommend?


Normally I'd be quick with a recommendation, but let me ask around and I'll get back to you. I need to see what my coworkers recommend that I recommend you to recommend.


Really, (and I'm generalizing here) the general public buys what everyone else has, and what is easiest.
For the most part, techies get Androids (due to the extra freedom).
To paraphrase an old saying: "You can't get fired for buying iPad"
She should get the iPad if he's a general public, Android if he's a techie.

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Definitely go with the ipad.

I personally prefer android, but if he's an iphone user already, 99% chance an ipad is what he wants.

Remember it's a gift, so the goal is to get the person what they want, not necessarily what is best.

If price is an issue though, just get the last gen model. Saves 100 bucks and the differences are neglible imo.


@j5: I agree that the Android is the platform for the techies. That may be an argument for the iPad in this case. He's comfortable with tech, but not a geek like me.


If he already has an iPhone, chances are that he has already invested in apps and games for iOS.
As a result, it likely makes more sense to get him an iPad which will run those apps without him having to rebuy them for a new OS (and yes, the refurb route is a great choice).
Unless he lives near an Apple retail store, make sure you talk with him about buying the AppleCare+ when you buy the iPad, since it's not something you can add later unless you make an appointment at the Genius Bar within the first 30 days to have them inspect the device for damage... The reason? AppleCare+ has a thing where if you damage the device yourself (shatter screen/dump in lake/etc.) you pay Apple around $50 and they replace it... And you can do this twice... But presumably they don't want you adding it to a broken iPad after the fact. So yeah, have him contribute the hundred or so for the AppleCare+ and you get the unit and there will be much rejoicing!


I would recommend the iPad since he is already familiar with iOS. I also have an iPhone and recently bought a refurb 3rd generation iPad from Apple, I couldn't be happier. It's way more convenient to be able to have all the apps you already bought than to possibly pay for the same ones again.


@portezbie: Would that be the Gen 3? LOL!

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I vote for iPad since he has already invested in the iWorld.


Thanks, folks. You've confirmed my thoughts that since he's already an iPhone user that a iPad is the right way to go.