questionshave you seen any target putting the kindle on…


No, I looked last week online and they are no longer listed for sale. I have not checked the local store although I intend to sometime soon.


No, I checked in one of my local Targets and they weren't on sale :(


Same here, went to Target and heard another costumer asking an employee if the had Kindles (because they're no longer displayed with the other e-readers) and she said they still have some, but all of them were regular priced.


I checked yesterday, regular price.


What?! I was just at Target, but I had no idea they were putting Kindles on clearance or discontinuing them. I may need to go back and check (I forgot to pick up something when I was there anyway). I'll report back if I go back tonight. Thanks for the heads-up! (Looks like everyone else already knew this, no idea where I've been!)


I just got back from my local Target and they have a ton of both the regular and Fire... and both are full price :( I'll definitely keep my eyes open to see if they go on clearance. Again, thanks for the heads-up!


Forgot all about this. I'll likely be at a Target in the next day or so, will have to remember to check.

A note to anyone who says they haven't seen any markdowns: just because it's not advertised doesn't mean it isn't marked down. If the sale has started, then it should be in the system. It can't hurt to ask a cashier to do a price check or even ring one up (in case the discount is at checkout). Worst case scenario it's still full price and you say no thank you.

I've gotten surprise discounts a few times, actually. I had no idea something was on sale and there was nothing on the shelf to indicate but when I checked out....lower price!

Clearly that isn't applicable just yet, but perhaps in the next couple days


A few weeks ago I saw them available with a $20 Target gift card. That's the most I've seen.


I've seen them bundled with a book light but that's about it


Nothing at our local stores. I will be keeping my eyes peeled now though. I saw the story break, but didn't even think about them getting marked down. I know, I'm embarrassed to admit it.


I'm waiting for the accessories to go on clearance. I'd be surprised if the units themselves do.


No, not at my nearest one.


I've been keeping an eye on them since the rumor started. I checked both of my local Targets this past Wednesday, but nothing yet. Oddly enough, when it first came up three weeks ago or whenever, the Sony reader was actually marked down 30% instead. Then it went to 50%, but there were still like ten left this past Tuesday when I checked, and I figured I'd try to wait it out until 70% off. The next day they were all gone from both stores, even the display models. I don't know if they sent them all off somewhere, or if somebody came in and bought all of them to try and flip them. That wasn't too big of a loss. It would have been nice to have a name brand eReader for ~$30, but I'd still rather have a Kindle or Nook product instead.


Nope. I make a point of checking every few days. Closest I got was two weeks ago when they had a special buy a Touch and get a $20 gift card deal.


The reason you see all the offers of a bonus gift card is that Amazon has set a limit of what their retailers can price it at. It doesn't matter if they're clearancing them, there's nothing they can do to the price below a certain point. Target can give away freebies with the Kindle, but they can't lower the Kindle price. Amazon, like a lot of Apple's products, don't want it to be known just how much markup the products have, and have them devalued in the consumer's eye.