questionswhich kettle would you buy? if none suggest one!


@thunderthighs: lol wouldn't really consider them deals. Kinda full price for the most part I think. I just cant make a decision. Very indecisive right now. Mainly because I've never used an electric kettle before.


I've owned the Cuisinart CPK-17 for two years, and I use it every day. I love it and can't remember how I got along without it. The only one I (might) like better is the Breville with the controls in the base rather than the handle.

The variable temperature is great because certain temps bring out the best flavor in different teas. There's a setting for coffee and full boil, so I can heat water for a single cup instead of using a single-cup coffee maker.


Thanks for asking this question! I've been window shopping for one of these for about a year. I had a good discussion in one of the forums over on home woot some time ago when they were selling one of these, and somehow it turned me off of buying one in general but now I can't remember why. I think it mainly made me rethink the expense, not the point of the whole thing. I currently use a thermometer and a microwave and have a chart for time = temp in my microwave :)


I am sure the ones you are looking at are much fancier, but I wanted to mention I saw ths one on sale for $49.99 (was $69.99) at Sharper Image this weekend:

I have a $50 Groupon for them and I've been watching their sale pages for something to spend it on. I was interested in this, as I really enjoyed using one in Australia at the B&B where we stayed outside Sydney. The water boils incredibly fast. But I would want it for the office, and we are moving soon, I don't know if there will be a place for it .


Also, I assume you looked at this:

It's very pretty...


To add another option, dispensing hot water pot:

These will keep the water hot, so the electricity usage is higher, but the hot water (at whatever temperature you select) will always be there too. Well, okay, so long as you keep it filled ...


@ruger9mm: oops, looks like we were posting about simultaneously and you beat me to it.


@moondrake: @ruger9mm: Yeah and thats not a bad deal. I really like that one but it just brings water to a full boil and thats it. So debating why pay more for one that doesn't have any features? I mean for just a $20 more I could buy the Adagio Teas 3 UtiliTEA which consumer reports says is the best. Though I don't like how it doesn't list the temps you just have to kinda guess at it.
Or just for like $4 get the Melitta 1.7-Liter.

The one woot is selling has good reviews and is at a great price! But there are a lot of cheaper just full boil kettles out there if you don't care about looks.
I've looked at the one they have posted before. Cheapest I've seen before now is $50 at tuesday morning.
They also make this one that looks exactly like it but has adjustable temps. But it has really bad reviews. Looks good though! lol


Seconding @adadavis's comment about different teas brewing best at different temperatures. It seems like one of the biggest advantages of an electric kettle would be the ability to select a specific water temperature, so if you're already spending the money on an electric kettle, it seems like it might make sense to go for one with variable temperatures.


Watch out at the office, had a user report their laser printer not working, it was plugged into the same surge protector as the kettle, kept blowing the surge fuse. User 'fixed' the issue by moving the kettle directly into the wall, causing the electrical outlet in the wall to short out and almost start a fire! Good thing it wasn't winter, the space heater was plugged in too but not on!


@narfcake: I saw those. Originally thought about it. But figured a kettle would be better/easier since I don't need hot water constantly and I don't mind waiting the 5 mins it takes for an electric kettle to boil.
Plus there's some reviews about "rust" build up on those dispensers. Though I think that's because people don't know how to take care of stuff and have crappy water.