questionswhich sites are banned from deals.woot?


there is no official list. of anything. ever.


As @mooszilla mentioned, there is not a list.

If you have personal buying experience with a site that is currently not allowed, you can post a question to see if it can be reconsidered. Jumbowoot is in charge of those decisions.


@thunderthighs: There is a list but you do not publish it for us to see. How can you ban sites without them being on a list in your database somewhere?


@cengland0: Oh, so you want to be technical about it? =P

There's a list: Yes
You can see it: No


@thunderthighs: I don't think it would be the most disastrous thing to ever happen if you guys actually clued us in on just a couple things like the list of banned tags and banned websites. Yes, I understand and respect yous guys' desire to be super top secret about things, that's your style, I get that...but why not allow wooters who want to be more efficient and streamline in posting deals get equipped? We just want to make your website better :)
It's like crippling the foundation of your own existence when you should be reinforcing it, right?


@thunderthighs: Thank you for making me laugh. :-D Best answer I've seen in days and days.



@thunderthighs: You know, that was very un-Mom-llike. You were supposed to say "because I said so."


@dmaz: I can just about guarantee you that we'll never release a list of sites that aren't allowed. I'm sure there's a multitude of reasons but mostly because we'd be asked to explain each and every one. And really, would you look up each site before posting? Why do that when we can do it automatically for you. Of the ones not allowed, most are selling counterfeit items, sites that were created VERY recently, or spammers. Again, if you have personal experience with a company that is not allowed, speak up and get jumbowoot involved.

As to the tags, not sure what you mean. We've discussed that in numerous threads. It's not that there's tags that aren't allowed, it's just that there may be better ones that support SEO. If you're talking about the Deals tags, disregard all that because I don't know much about those. I be a community moderator (e.g. AtC and comments).


@shrdlu: I can be brutally honest when needed. LOL

@lavinka: But I didn't say so. Someone else said so.


@thunderthighs: Chanks thundzles!
While I do disagree with how some things are done around here, that was straightforward enough of an answer.
I'll try to move on from this ~immediately bursts into tears and is dragged away~


So I suppose the followup would be is there a way to GET a site onto the banned list? You know... if I had a competitor I didn't like... I mean a bad experience with a site....


Yeah, if we can make suggestions for the list, I'd nominate Not that there is anything wrong with the site itself, but being a classified ad site, not an online site, there should never be a valid deal posted here on deals.woot that links to craigslist. I've seen many a spammer use craigslist as a way to "launder" their spam websites.


@thunderthighs: Would it be censored if we, as a group, start sharing a list of sites we know are banned? I know it's irritating when I spend time putting together a post only to have it blocked at the final "submit" button. Plus, if there are sites that DW doesn't like for some reason, I would like to avoid these.

In any case, I know of two blocked sites and would be glad to post them here and to see what any that other DW folks are will to post. What say?


Devil's advocate here:

Has anyone thought that there may be legal ramifications, if such a list were to be posted?

Think of the silly lawsuits from professional people who were given bad on-line reviews


@belyndag: That's not my call. That would be something to ask @jumbowoot.


Deals.woot is an aggregator. Other aggregator sites are not allowed. Aggregators are sites that list items that can be purchased on other sites. There is not a DIRECT 'Buy' button on that site. Example: I tried to list a link that had 100's of free Kindle books - not allowed because you are linked from that site to Amazon to make the purchase.


@theoneill555: That's what I suspect is the concern. However, if @Jumbowoot will allow us to post the our own list of blocked sites ourselves, that might do the trick.


I don't see it happening anytime soon.