questionsgrandfather stereotypes?


A note not to Spoil the Grand-Children....



on your sense of humor.


@hobbitss: He pegged it. I am constantly being scolded for spoiling my granddaughter, and I am loving every minute of it...


Something to keep squirrels off the bird-feeder, a rocking chair for out front to keep those damn kids off the yard, a set of really strong reading glasses, and maybe if you're close enough to them, you could pretend that you're taking them to the DMV to get their licenses revoked because they're "so old." I don't know, these may be terrible suggestions. I know nothing about grandfathers.


Maybe this so they don't do the real thing?


A sack of potatoes dressed up like a baby so they can start getting their baby-lifting muscles back and knee bouncing muscles in shape.

If you're going to do Baby Signing (sign language) - which I think is cool - get them a book to start learning them. Tell him that you talk to baby's different these days.

A gummy tongue so they don't have to bite their own tongues every time they want to give you advice

Laundry stain spray for the times they'll get peed or barfed on.


Old Spice aftershave for the Grandpa smell.

Extra pairs of reading glasses (Dollar Tree), because baby is all the time grabbing them to gnaw on and/or breaking them.

Starter stamp/coin/baseball card collecting kit.


Being a grandfather is the best thing that's happened to me since being a father. I have grandkids that I adore, and spend as much time with them that I can.


Some Polident. Over-sized sunglasses with the sides. a copy of "The Princess Bride" to read to to the grandchildren.


Bermuda shorts that will come up to just below their armpits.

Black socks to be worn with said shorts.


A shawl collared sweater and a digital photo frame?


Ah, none of this is funny. And stay off my lawn!!


Two funny things that come to mind when I think of "old people" stereotypes are the Lifeline necklace (I've fallen...and I can't get up!!), and the "Jitterbug" phone for seniors. You could go online and print an "ad" for these and slip them into the box.

Other items: A seven-day pill box (Dollar Tree)
Magnifying glass (Dollar Tree)
Inflatable doughnut for hemorrhoids
Calculator with HUGE buttons [url=[/url]

You could even create your own "15% off" Senior Discount card for a made-up restaurant. Anything to get your point across. :-)