questionshave you seen the random shirt sale?


Um... Aren't random shirts always $6.66 and free shipping?


@dreamyvelvet: Randoms aren't usually culled until a shirt has been reckoned for at least 5 weeks, so the odds are very good that you won't get that one. Having only been a month since the last random, there will probably be some from the prior batch too in this one.

The old rule of ABT are long past for me - it used to be that if I ended up with something I didn't like and couldn't trade at all, at least I got some nicely fitting shirts at a nice price. Nowadays ... well, you know. I ended up buying up a lot of randoms from GoodJoe and TeeTurtle on BF, so I'm good on the fix of surprise shirts already.


Last time was my first time, with one shirt I loved, one I kinda liked, and one I was indifferent on. I traded the one I was indifferent on and got one I loved. I'd say it was a success. I'm in for 3 again and hope I have the same success (and no cats).


I bought three. The last round I didn't get any I liked :( And, never got around to posting them in the trade forum. Now, I'll just wait until these arrive and update my trade listing. Hopefully, however I will get three shirts I love, or at least like.


@baybei: Well, there have been a good number of cat shirts recently ... sorry, @dlcarst77.


@narfcake: Valid point, and sadly I probably already own those! But, a duplicate just means it will get turned into a quilt if I can't trade it off, lol!~ Which reminds me, I got to get working on that quilt! Meant to start it in November, but life said...nope, you can just wait!


Don't take the part about getting a deadly venomous snake literally. That's just a metaphor for something almost as bad: getting the "Russian Nesting Doll" flowered bib shirt.


@abramokids: Of course you're right! :-D And yet, how often do the random shirt deals hold the promise/threat of getting a BOS(nakes) ?? ;-)


Is this a question to help bolster your deals rating or are you getting paid by woot?


@psumek: No to both questions. I asked the question to bring the sale to others attention. I honestly don't follow the shirts deals. Thought there might be others who may have missed it, too. Work for woot? You're joking, yes? O.o (No offense intended for those who do.)

Must admit I've been making a concerted effort to be more positive instead of negative about my perceived failings of woot, et al. I have been very vocal (read: snarky) in the past. Also, I try my best to be positive when responding to questions posed by others. IOW, I don't answer unless I think I have something to contribute to a question. I DO reallize that's subjective, though. :-/