questionsit has been a few years since i made it to theā€¦


I was surprised to find I have a black triangle again. I haven't even been here in at least a month (when I was purple).


Honestly, it doesn't take much these days. I was off for two weeks, dropped down to 14 or 15 and I'm already back up to 4th after a few votes and answers to a couple questions. I also added one deal that did not become popular if that somehow figures into things.


Don't blink. You might miss it.

Or don't refresh - then it lasts forever!


@mtm2: LOL... Awaiting the decent back to Mediocrity....


Is it really that important to you? I think it's just an ego thing.


@ojulius: It was a goal that I set having not done it in quite some time...


@hobbitss: And the rest of us peons will wait with baited breath for your return!


@mtm2: LOL... Says the person who has spent their share of time on the top 15 board..

I expect my fall from grace back to the depths of mediocrity will come all to soon...


Reputation has never been important to me. And even less important after deciding that I will never make a Woot purchase again, having been screwed by them. I don't expect this reply to remain here!



Hence why I know it is fleeting...

I had a friend who used to talk about being the best. Think of it as a bunch of monkeys climbing a tree, the top one being the best. His view down, looking at all the smiling faces looking at him is much better then the guys below and what they see.......


@ojulius: Your post will remain... Sorry to hear you got screwed... I have voluntarily refrained from purchasing anymore items here for some time as I suspect others have also...


@mtm2: LOL... I hear that, very appropriate analogy.... Monkey Butts and all...


@hobbitss: Nice to hear that someone concurs with my feelings about Woot purchases. They lost a lot of loyal customers by not standing behind there products. They screwed me once, and I won't give them the opportunity to do it again! Sorry, but my comments are really getting off topic here - guess I just saw an opportunity to vent!


I'm sorry for your loss. Being Mediocre is where it's at these days.


LOL... That is a good one..

I was Mediocre and popular and now I'm not... :-(


As expected, my fall from grace back to the depths of mediocrity has come all to soon... Now for the long slow slide back to the mid 98s or so........