questionsi missed the boc because i had chemistry lab…


All you missed is an hour of frustration trying to get through the woot servers. Pizza works for me.


I like the tag.

Large chocolate cake w/ butter cream frosting is a good comfort food


I'm right there with you, my friend. Comfort food it is! For me, Breyer's Praline Crunch ice cream, or pot roast and mashed potatoes, or a big plate of soft scrambled eggs, or butter-rum lifesavers. Or all in a row, one after the other. Today, probably eggs.

We'll get through this, and there'll be another BOC before too long.


Nothing comforts me more than mashed potatoes..........

covered in bacon.


Kraft American cheese (the individually wrapped slices) on hot rye toast and squished flat (sort of like a ghetto grilled cheese)

PB&J on oat bread (like Arnolds) with fresh cold milk.

Mac & cheese.

Hot open face turkey on rye with gravy over mashed potatoes and a side of corn or green beans or whatever.


I think the traditional comfort food would be something like macaroni-and-cheese with chocolate-covered bacon and a cup of warm milk. That's actually kind of disgusting, so I would suggest a nice single malt scotch.


Everything is better with bacon.


@eviloverlord333: I guess you're right. Thanks for making me feel a little better.
@packmanv29: chocolate <3
@magic_cave: Praline Crunch ice cream sounds delicious...
@rockbottomfitness: bacon <3
@baqui63: good call on the mac and cheese. about to prepare three packets of easy mac.
@spicyflavor: mmm... 503..?


Second on bacon and mac and cheese. Combine the two = ???!


Ice cold beer. It's cereal in a can.


@cornellbigred: Most of the time spent for the BoC (all 40-50 minutes) was spent F5ing because of 503 (server) errors upon clicking "I Want One".

I did pasta & peppery/garlic, tomato sauce then a bowl of vanilla ice cream with a melted See's dark chocolate bar on it (molten hot).


I love the tags too.

I suggest wings followed by hot from the oven cookies. Concurrently consumed with some quantity of beer.


Show those Bags of Crap what they are missing and treat yourself to some surf and turf. I go for steak and king crab myself. I would suggest refraining from any "comfort chemicals".


No excuses! I got Crap once by running home right after a test and jumping on the computer just when it came up.

You have to have priorities!


Chicken pot pie was my favorite as a kid.


Human flesh.

. . .

I mean, um.. bacon.