questionswhere can i get a good deal on a stereo receiver?


Budget? And not as much as some would lead you to believe.


How much do you want to spend? Here's a good one on sale at Newegg:
I have been very pleased with my Yamaha Home Theater Receiver.

I have 12 gauge wire on my main towers, 14 gauge on the center and surrounds. If your wire will be short runs to your speakers, then you can probably use 14 or 16 gauge on all your speakers.

Here's a link to banana plugs that will make your life easier.
I have these plugs and they are fantastic.


Yep, that Yamaha is a good one. I have an older Pioneer Elite, as well as the model below the one posted above. I used to say you could never go wrong with Yamaha, then 3 years ago the mad some awful stuff. I'm happy to say the last 2 years have been great for Yamaha fans.

@missellienc is right about the speaker wire. Longer runs should be a heavier gauge, but don't feel a need to go crazy on speaker wire. The bang for the buck dissipates very quickly here.


Well I was thinking somewhere in the $200-$300 price range if at all possible, but would definitely be willing spend a little more if necessary. I don't need anything incredibly fancy, but I am definitely looking for something of good quality that will last.


@mainsjn: There are lower priced Yamaha receivers that you should take a look at on Newegg's site. They switch up their sales every week so find a model you like and check their site often to get a deal that fits your budget. They have other brands as well so do your homework, decide if you want 5.1 or 7.2, 3D, how many HDMI ins/outs do you need, power output, etc. before you start shopping.


@mainsjn: I have this one:

. . .and for the $369 that Amazon wants for it now, it's a helluva deal. I paid $549 (from Amazon) for it and feel I got a bargain!


@loubriccant: Good choice, I have last years RX-V765. Too bad I don't need a new one. The one I provided a link to for $429 after the $100 coupon is a good deal!


Check out Denon AVR-1911 at Crutchfield, also remember good A/V equipment should last many years,so an extra bit of $ now will be worth it...lowest I've found on quality 3D-ready,as I am looking myself, good luck