questionshave you seen any good deals on winter boots?


@moondrake: Thanks for the suggestions. I want something that is waterproof and warm (insulated). The airwalks are the closest, but they're ugly. I like the Uggs, but I'm not sure how waterproof they would be and depending on how worn they are, the soles might have indentations from the previous owner's feet, which could suck.


You can also try Sierra Trading Post:

Don't buy right away. Sign up for their email. They send discount codes every day. I just bought a pair of Keen's for $60. Click the link from your email after copying the discount code.

I have looked at a few others (Land's End and Eddie Bauer) but they do not seem to have anything on sale for those sizes.


Online Shoes has these Propets in size 12w for $85: There is a 25% discount, but you have to spend $100.


@intensesupernova Howdy neighbor ! I'm in WNY too.
Do you have a Tractor Supply Store near you ? Or that you can get to ? The website has a store location search. They have been having a great sale on winter boots. You might still find some left. Friend got a pair on sale for $30 or so. Well made ! Very warm and waterproof and nice looking too. There was a sale and then an additional amount off at the register she didn't even know about !

PS doesn't look like the website has the deals the stores do. But I didn't look too hard.

cheers !