questionsdoes you ever wonder how a retailer feels when…


Yes, I do wonder, and I wonder about its impact on future sponsored deals as well. I'd hate to see sponsors not want to post for fear of getting negative votes.

For example, I know there's folks who like Crocs and folks who do. Crocs sometimes sponsors nice deals, but then gest slammed with downvotes just because they're Crocs. That doesn't seem right.

For sponsored deals, I'm more inclined to just not vote for something than downvote, but that's just my own etiquette to it.


"Unlocked BlackBerry 9700 Bold Phone (Refurbished) & Accessories for $235 +shipping" is currently at -294 and it has 2392 clicks. I don't think they care.


I do wonder about this sometimes. It makes me feel a little sad.

My brain starts to conjure up images of a graying, tired-looking CEO of a small company, trying desperately in a final attempt to revive his declining company. Broken, he sits, wringing his hands. His coffee, barely touched, cools to room temperature with each passing minute as he refreshes the deals.woot page. "It's only ten negative could still come back!" His brain refuses to believe the inconceivable thoughts of his manic desperation. Tears begin to fall with his head, as he rests his brow on his hands, eyes staring vacantly at the keyboard. Unable to handle the grief, he tries to barricade his conscious from the awareness of his substantial accrued debt. Who could have known the market would fall just after buying that new house and car? Slowly, the gravity of his reality begins to wrap its roots around his heart like poison ivy vines, as emotion, raw and nameless overcomes him. "What will I do?"


@dmaz: He's the modern man: Disconnected, frightened, paranoid, but with good reason. It's too sad to be funny. Unusable.

I think I can get 20 minutes out of it.


Pretty sure the retailer doesn't care that much as long as he/she makes enough money on it, whether that money be through sales or simple traffic allowing for them to get paid by advertisers.


@dmaz: this CEO looks at the sales number from the deal then decides how they feel... votes don't matter to them.


If it's anything, it may be more an indication of whether Woot would allow them as a sponsored deal next time. After all, they have a reputation to uphold.

FWIW, this is a very key reason why the shirt.woot derby doesn't have a downvoting option. Replace retailer with artist, and you can only imagine how much more hurtful it could be.


@narfcake: Very good point! I've often thought about the difference in the deals.woot and the shirt.woot derby systems. While down voting can have it's reasons for importance here, I'm glad it's not a part of the shirt derbies.


It makes them feel like the kid that gets picked last for a basketball team.


bad publicity is still publicity. If anyone is like me, seeing a sponsored in the triple negatives makes me click on it to see why it's being voted down. I also check out to see if the deal is actually deserving of the negative votes, so I go to their web page.

For instance's first sponsored deal was heavily negative due to some misunderstandings between Woot and By the time I got to the page, the issue was resolved but people still down-voted because that's what everyone else was doing. So, I spent MUCH more time than I would have looking at their deal, and other items, in hopes to help show that they were a quality vendor and didn't deserve the down votes.

Now, there are exceptions to this rule as well... BK - 'nuff said.