questionswhat kind of stroller/baby food maker/other baby…


Get a BOB Revolution. It's not light, but it's a solid jogging stroller. We'd use it for just walking around the neighborhood, too.


You don't need a whole lot for a newborn. If you are a new dad, I'll assume you have some basics already. If you're going to be a new dad, that's a different story..

Diapers, wipes, onsies, cradle/bassinet/co-sleeper sidecar, infant car seat, receiving blankets, hats, socks, diaper cream, and baby wash are the essentials just off the top of my head. All the other "gear" isn't really a must-have, but more a matter of the convenience level you want and the budget you have.

No one really needs a baby food maker. If you have a food processor or any halfway decent blender, it can puree just as well as one branded specifically for "baby food" and will save you space and money. There are tons of great baby food recipes you can find on google.

For the stroller I guess you mean a jogging one, so I'm no help there. Having a lightweight one though (once baby can control their head) to keep in the trunk for unplanned walking can be a lifesaver for your back.


Well, my daughter turns 18 in 2 days, so what I know is probably antiquated. However, somethings are gonna be the same. As far as baby food, use a blender. Do not use spices, the baby can't handle it. Always use fresh steamed veggies and baked or broiled meats. Do not add extra fat by frying or sugars, your baby will have plenty of natural fats and sugars in the food. One thing I learned early on with my daughter is...if they don't like it today, tomorrow try again. If they still don't like it, add their favorite fruit.

Stroller and car seat, I used Graco, but again, my baby is almost 18.

Bottles - I used the playtex ones with the plastic liners. Easy clean up, and the nipples were harder for my daughter to pull out.

Don't forget that a camera (video and digital still) are a must. They grow up so quick.


Sorry. To clarify, my wife is due in 4 months. We're registering for stuff and starting to prepare the nursery. Little girl a'coming!

We're 26 and as far as budget, I'll spend any amount of money if I need something or it's really worth it.


Don't get a car seat that uses only seatbelts. Get one that uses the car seat latches that most newer cars come with (assuming you have a newer vehicle). It sounds small, but it makes a huge difference when installing and removing car seats. I was annoyed at my wife for spending more for nicer car seats on our 4th child and I now would never go back...


Don't worry too much about what to get. Regardless of what you choose, your wife or your child will soon determine that it was the wrong choice.

Also, don't try to be a super-parent that does all the stuff in magazines (like make your own baby food, etc.). When you have infants, it is an accomplishment to simply make sure your child eats, sleeps, and poops regularly. Some of those magazines or shows make you feel inadequate because you don't blend fresh organic baby food every meal.


I agree regarding bottles with disposable liners and no needing special tools to make baby food (although you won't need to make baby food for several months anyway). One handy tip for making baby food it to freeze it in ice cube trays and the pop the cubes out into a ziploc bag for single portions.

Another thing to consider if you are an active couple is a backpack carrier. We had one like this one with our younger kids and I LOVED it!


@wnyx585am: I think the organic thing is a bunch of BS, but I will be making my own baby food. Thanks for the other recommendations. They were all super helpfu.... wait a second.