questionsis my phone camera good enough for my weekend…


You won't know until after you've come idea what you might see - or wish that you hadn't.


Why not take a couple quick pics, one from each of the same thing, and post here? It would make the decision easier.


The camera on an iPhone is pretty darn nice. (The camera on my wife's iPhone is the one and only factor that has made me decide to convert from Android. I love so many things about my Android, but that camera trumps 'em all.)

If you're planning on printing and publishing a large format calendar called "The Cos-Play Beauties of Wonder-Con" then take your 14MP camera and a release form. Otherwise, if you're just needing pictures that might be printed at 4x6", your phone is probably fine.

(One other thing to think about, though, is battery life and charging opportunities. If you only take your phone and find that it's battery runs down and you don't have many chances to charge it then it would be nice to have another camera.)


@mrgrogg: Thanks for your input. I will be surprised if I print any of the pictures out so I think my phone might be good enough. I am also bringing something similar to this handy device so I should be fine power wise. I will aslo bring the regular charger just in case.

Thanks to everyone for the answers so far! hope to read lots more!


If you don't care about the pictures and don't plan to use them for anything other than looking at to remember the trip, then it will probably suffice. Personally I wouldn't use a phone to take vacation pictures any more than I would use a camera to place calls. But my photos are important to me, the good ones end up as screensavers on my computers, on my digital picture frame at the office, and in keepsake photobooks. Sometimes they get enlarged for framing.


I've used my iPhone plenty of times on vacation ands its usually been enough for me. The only real problems you'll run into are the iPhone can be slow to focus right sometimes and your not going to get great pictures if you use zoom. Otherwise I think it should work for you. I've actually managed to get some really nice pictures on occasion.


I guess you don't have a small Point and Shoot?

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A few years ago I took a road trip all around the US and my camera. I made a HUGE 11,000+ mile loop. The only camera I brought with me was my original Motorola Droid smartphone. I forget the specs on the camera but it did me proud everywhere I went except the Grand Canyon (talk about a knife to a gunfight).

At this point I think your phone's camera is almost all you ever need.


For snapshots, your phone is fine. As long as the lens isn't scratched up (this happened to my old iPhone after carrying it in my pocket for two years), and you're not trying to take pictures in very low light, you'll be just fine with the iPhone.


I have a $500 point-and-shoot that I haven't touched in probably 3+ years. As a guy, the less things I have to carry in my pockets, the better. Especially when I'm going out "for the night." If I was going on a dedicated sightseeing day-trip, sure. But otherwise I don't want to risk damaging/loosing/hassle of carrying the point-and-shoot around.

Women have purses. I can't imagine a point-and-shoot being a pain to carry.