questionsa 3d printer for $450 - interested?


The comparison says $520 but it's cheaper if you get in on the Kickstarter

Here's a couple of examples too, forgot that..


yeah, I heard about this project on the radio about a month ago. Supposedly the price will be going down a lot more within 2 years, comparable to the price of a typical laser printer.


I've been following the Makerbot project and both of these are so much cheaper than the MakerBot Replicator 2X


Like all printers, i bet they will get you on the consumables (printer ink).
But still cool.


I see the difference between the one I've been looking at and these cheaper models now. They are both single extruder models. So if you want to create something with multiple colors, you still need the replicator2x.


I sponsored one fully built and calibrated with ABS support. This is a great deal for starters.


@caffeine_dude: I saw this thing the other day. I also saw another one that looks a bit nicer and seems to be more well thought out. Anyway, you'll be able to take all that recycleable plastic and make your own refills. That's what's great about quasi open-source stuff like this, not great for business but great for end-users.


@kamikazeken: Yeah, the price has gone down pretty consistently.. this is by far the best bang for buck I've seen..

@dhillinmkewi: I'm in for an un-built ABS if I can scrape the money together.. close, but Republic Wireless still owes me money - they've been holding on to $300-600 of my and a few hundred/thousand other peoples money for the last 2+ months.

@cengland0: What printer have you been checking out? I'd love dual heads, but it's not really a priority.. I'll mostly be using mine for prototyping and utilitarian [ugly] stuff :). If you're looking for a (single color) professional stereolith the Form1 seem to be a good option


@zuiquan: No way! That would be so cool.
I can see it now.....
Hey woot users who has a printer check out what I made.
Woot users download and print an awesome statue, toy or something.

Now the non woot user side of this edited for woot...
You wanna see how big it is? Print it.
Hint for the clueless: women do not have it.


Oh the things I could print out...