questionsdid you see the new shipping policy for staples…


With these changes, come other changes:

I will really miss recycling ink cartridges without having to buy ink there just to get rewards. If they matched the other major office supply stores and just let it be purchases of any product up to the reward amount to be eligible for rewards, I'd be happier.

I did take advantage of the free shipping to use up the last of my rewards points. I may be in a different situation than most, since I live > 50 miles from an actual Staples location. I only drive by one maybe once or twice a quarter to drop of cartridges and spend previous rewards.


@omnichad: So now you need to spend money on ink to get the $2 per cartridge? That's pretty lame but good to know.

Honestly at the end of the day that probably wont be a big deal to most people. I have to imagine that more often than not, dropping off empty cartridges and picking up new ones happen in the same trip.

Still very good to be mindful of though.


@thedogma: Yes - $30 each 6 months spent on ink to be eligible for the rewards.

Just won't work out for me anymore. Yes, I buy that much ink in a year, but buying ink with rewards doesn't count toward that and their price isn't the best so while I would still come out ahead, it won't be far enough to keep doing it. I would have to spend $60 a year to earn $30 a year in rewards at my current rate.


You know, Target offers a 5% discount for having a Red Card. You can get either the credit card or have it tied directly to your debit card. You also get free shipping online.

Now that Target price matches Amazon too, I find myself shopping there more and more. The best part is that it's easy to check prices using Amazon's price checker app. I've already decided that I'll more than likely just get it at Target if they have it in stock and I want it today instead of waiting for a couple of days.