questionscan you help me find a camera?


You don't mention the size of the text, @gideonfrost. Is it something that a person with normal vision could read from that distance? What's the text on?

Is it a screen with powerpoint charts? Is it documentation in books or papers? There are lots of variables in what you are asking. We need details, please.


Those are also some pretty prickly requirements.

Let me ask you -

Why the rotatable viewing screen? <-- This severely limits options
Why regular batteries? <-- This also severely limits options

Generally speaking, most people export pictures out of the camera to view on another device. The question about the rotating screen makes me want to make sure you aren't planning on primarily using the screen on the camera

In regards to batteries, I've found many, many cameras now use special batteries and in my experience, they are in fact far better than regular batteries. I too used to worry about not being able to quickly change them but batteries now last so much longer (And cameras specifically drain regular batteries SO much faster) that I prefer the specialty ones. For example, I have a Nikon S8100 point and shoot. Uses a battery pack. I charge it about once every 5 or 6 outings now. When the low battery light comes on I'll still get a good 30-40 shots out of it.


I agree with the other posters so far. I understand you might want to be vague about your employment, but any details you can vaguely add would be appreciated.


Sorry for the late reply, the pictures are taken from above so the person taking the picture can't view a normal view finder. The Batteries are so we can always have backup, these pictures are taken in the field, where we would have access to batteries but not always a charger. I suggested buying extra batteries but my Co-worker's aren't liking that idea. The text would be fairly standard sized text you'd see in a book or magazine.


@gideonfrost: Here's what I would say on the batteries. Anything that uses regular batteries would suck them down fast. You'd need more sets of alkaline batteries than sets of proprietary rechargeables for that model of camera. They hold so much more charge. And with how much you'd spend on good alkalines week after week, you can get much better deals on off-brand proprietary batteries for the other camera.


@omnichad: I agree, and I suggested this to the manager, but he believes the sites we work at will have the back up batteries readily available. I think when it comes down to it the batteries are more important than the view finder to him.


I love my Canon Powershot G-11, which meets all the requirements except using standard batteries. However, the battery lasts for roughly 5,000 non-flash shots (I rarely use flash so I have no metric for that) and I have left it sit for months in the closet and pulled it out for photos of a sunset or pet antics and the battery was still charged. I damaged my flip screen in a fall on my recent vacation so I am probably going to be looking to replace my current camera, but I think I am going to get exactly the same thing if I can find it. I find the flip screen to be extremely useful, such as taking a photo from an iguana's eye view:


My Canon Powershot A610 fit that bill. It's an older camera, there may be something newer. This is 5 megapixels, rotating screen, takes AA batteries.


@gideonfrost: how about a travel charger for the camera battery instead? that way you can plug it up in the car otw to the site and theres no problem.


@nmchapma: I suggested travel chargers but they were not fond of that idea. They're afraid that they will get lost or the camera won't work when it absolutely needs to.