questionsin a store you see a parent repeatedly hitting…


With youtube I would put the video on the internet and forward it to the local police.


As a retired teacher, I have always said something. You can't take the teacher out of me. I have on occasion called Social Services.


depends on how badly the beating was needed. :-P
I've seen far more kids that NEEDED a beating than ones actually being beaten.
You also have to clarify what you mean by "hitting". Open hand slap to the cheak? back of the hand to the face? punch in the nose? Also, how old?


@kamikazeken: grabs popcorn and waits for the downvotes


@kamikazeken: Small child, about 5 years old, smacks, punches, etc, to the face.

Don't get me wrong. If a child needs to be spanked I have no problem with that. I have a MAJOR problem with someone hitting a child in the face.


i have seen it done to get the child's attention/startle the kid but it was a once and done thing when the kid was throwing a tantum over nothing. yes, several of us around had been watching for a bit, and continued to afterwards.


Kids need a beating? I don't think I've ever seen a child that needed a beating. It's barbaric. Hitting children becomes a vicious cycle. Needing to hit a child/resorting to physical violence (or threats of physical violence) means one failed as a parent. Children should not be in fear of a parent.

I know that fear. I know it wasn't good for me. I know I am lucky in that I will never hit my children, even though I was hit as a child.

If I saw someone punch their child (or any child) in the face, I would immediately separate both parties, detain the aggressor and call the police.


There is no reason whatsoever for hitting a child in the face. Anyone who does so doesn't deserve to have children. And if someone condones hitting children in that manner, maybe someone needs to smack them around some. At the very least, I would do what the OP said and video the abuse and call the cops.


Would you ever kick your dog in the face?


Then how can anyone justify hitting a child?

Depending how bad it looked I'd either say something to the parent or say something and call the cops.


You phrased this question in such a way that I am led to believe you saw such an incident. Is that a correct assumption? If so, I'm curious to know what you did. If I saw someone hit a child in the face, including punching and "repeatedly", you bet I'd say something. To the parent and the authorities.


I've hit my niece and nephew once in the mouth when they decided cussing adults out was okay. Physical discipline is rare and a absolute last resort, though, and I always feel like crap afterwards. Guess the saying "this will hurt me more than you" is true. Do I want them to be scared of me to the point where they have no trust in me? No. Do I want them to fear me? Yes, or how can I expect them to have any respect or discipline at home or other places. I want them to be afraid of the consequences of bad behavior, but I also want them to know that good behavior can be rewarded.

No child can do anything that requires multiple hits to the face. That's not discipline, that's abuse and the police need to be called. If they were throwing a tantrum and the mother decided they needed a spanking, that's her right as a parent to discipline her child as she sees fit, and nobody has any business butting in. Now if it was excessively hard to the point of physical damage: 911.


"Repeatedly" hitting in the face, step in. Either tell them to stop, or film it and report it.
A "light" slap to the cheek or something ... might.. be in order for very odd things, but otherwise a spank on the bottom. Young children are still developing, do NOT hit them in the face! Especially not repeatedly! The butt is padded, as it were. It is a safe place to give them a sting and not have any lasting effect.
Hitting someone in the face can give all sorts of issues that will last. It is also a sign of violence, as that parent obviously couldn't control her actions. If she managed to do open handed, then bravo I guess for not punching the kids lights out.
Spankings need to be swift, on the spot, and rare. That is why it is effective, not because it is a constant thing. If the child still cries? That is constant abuse it was going through. Just like a child who is used to yelling won't respond to it anymore.


The only time I've even threatened to hit a kid hard enough to do any damage is when my nephew (who is twelve and old enough to know better) actually raised his hand to hit me. I told him that if he ever did that again, to anyone, I'd connect first, call 911 for him, and turn myself in. Never actually done it, and don't think I could, but I needed to get through to him somehow that he needs to control himself better. This is a kid who we've actually had to call the police on, has had to be handcuffed and taken to pych hospitals several times, and has a tendency to threaten anybody who makes him mad. Where he lives, someone is likely to hurt or kill him for something like that, and I'd rather teach him that lesson myself than to lose him because he can't control his actions. If I have to hit him to get that message across, so be it. Luckily, he's getting counseling and we've been given tips on how to deal with him and calm him down, so hopefully that day will never come.


@pitamuffin: Fortunately I have never seen anything like that happen. I was just curious about how the people he would answer the question.


@panthiest: By the way, wanted to mention this. How do you relate spanking (you say ever hitting, so spanking is included) to kicking a dog in the face? Pretty screwed up logic there.

How about trying this on for size? "Would you ever sit and watch someone repeatedly hit a dog in the face? Then how can you justify doing so to a child?" See how that actually follows logic? ^_^
I wouldn't stand by as someone kicks a child in the face, but I would stand by as a parent dispenses discipline to that child.
I would also stand by as an owner gives a dog a little spank is it is doing something horrible, and telling it "No" doesn't work. Would I let it go into abuse either way? No. But a little reinforcement goes a long way. People with your mentality of never raising a hand, have really destroyed the education system, and the law concerning parents disciplining their kids in any way.
Hint: You can't calmly talk a 2-3 year old out of crying. They -DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!-


Not only would I, but I have. Woman slapped her two year old's face hard enough to bounce his head off the check-out counter. He kept crying (what a surprise!), and she hit him again, harder. I told her if she hit him again I'd call the police and picked up the phone on the counter.

After a few moments of smart-a$$ comments back to me, the woman grabbed her kid's hand, left her shopping cart where it was standing, and stalked out. The other people in the checkout line actually applauded me -- but not one of the weasels had been willing to say anything or to back me up when I did.


@magic cave: I applaud you as well. If I ever actually had call the police I would press charges against the parent and, if need be, I would make a citizens arrest.


@eijisama: I personally have no problem with what you did and why you did it. I truly hope your nephew continues to get the help he deserves.


@jnissel: Thank you; it seemed the right thing to do. Regarding a citizen's arrest, I would encourage you to research very carefully the laws in your specific state. While the concept is popular on TV, many (most?) states don't have such statutes, and you could very well risk being charged with battery or assault, especially if you touch the other person or make an effort to detain them.


@magic cave: Thank you for your concern.

From what I've come to understand, in my state I can make a citizen's arrest only for a felony and only in the presence of the police. All I would be allowed to do is tell the person they are under arrest and the police would do the rest.