questionswhat is your favorite hot sauce?


The Vietnamese one with a green lid and a rooster on the front. It's good on everything from chicken to pancakes. I'd post the name, but I don't remember and I'm not walking to the fridge right now.


@okham: Siracha sauce I believe...

I prefer my heat milder anymore, and stick with Tabasco green, and the like. The only exception is when I go for sushi... always wasabi mixed with siracha, and the likes...


Dinosaur Barbeque Devil's Duel is my favorite general purpose over-the-counter hot sauce. (It is a habanero based sauce.)

Frank's and Tabasco are both more vinegary (sour) than hot. I do use them in cooking when I need the acid as much or more than the heat.

I make my own pickled jalapenos, usually about two gallons at a time.


@waltertangofoxtrot: That's the one: Tương Ớt Sriracha. I wiki'd it, and also found out that it originated in Thailand.


@okham: That's actually the rosemead sauce, nobody overseas knows what the heck cock sauce is. I like that everyone assumes that though :3


@cowboydann: I've come across it in the uk and Germany, but never called cock sauce. That's a new one to me.


Jason's Mom's Sauce. It isn't the hottest, but a damn fine flavor. You can get it at Tiauna Flats or Here...


It depends on the food. I like Tapatio on Tacos (and generally all Mexican food), Cholula on Pizza and Sirracha on everything else.

My favorite comparison of the big three came from a friend:
If Tapatio is like Coke,
Then Cholula is like Pepsi,
Which would undoubtedly make Tabasco RC Cola.


pequin peppers mixed with grilled tomato, grilled onions, cilantro, salt, and a little bit of shiner bock beer


@miquinn: That was great. I need to remember "napalming the jungle." That will come in handy at work. :D


At this Local Burrito joint they have a ton of sauces My favorites in order are Shark Bite, Hazmat, and Al Gore's I Invented Hot Sauce. When I feel super brave (Drunk) I get Dave's Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce.

Edit Here's a link to a crazy hot sauce site you can find tons of crazy stuff.


I use Crystal hot sauce on breakfast food (scrambled eggs, etc.), or Tabasco if it's at a restaurant.

I use Tabasco Chipotle at, um, Chipotle, where I use a burrito as a hot sauce delivery mechanism. When our gang from work go there for lunch the three of us that like spicy food go through most of a bottle of sauce between us.

For chile (and other things where I just want heat), I use a sauce from a local merchant, Chile Man -
His "Boom!" Habanero sauce is pretty powerful stuff, where a few drops is enough for a bowl of chile. He also has a caffeinated version of the same sauce.

And another source - Mo Hotta Mo Betta - with great stuff like "Lethal Ingestion".


I love hot sauces and have at least 10-12 different kinds open at any given time. I like them spicy and generally do not like vinegar based hot sauces (sorry McIlhenny family!). So, here are some of my favorites right now:

1. El Yucateco - Red Habanero. This is my go-to hot sauce - heat & flavor.
2. Dave's Insanity Sauce. Too concentrated for anything other than soups, stews, and chili or to make spicy ketchup or BBQ.
3. El Yucateco - Caribbean Habanero. Sweeter than the Red, with a different flavor profile from carrot puree.
4.(tie) Tropical Pepper Co. Ghost Pepper hot sauce.
4.(tie) Melinda's Naga Jolokia Both are very spicy ghost pepper sauces that don't use concentrate or extract for the heat, so they have actual flavor under the heat.
5. Bufalo - Chipotle hot sauce. A nice smoky chipotle with a mild heat but a slightly sour (tamarind?) base.

Others include: Cholula, El Yucateco Extra Hot Habenero, and Gochujang (a Korean fermented chili paste that I use to make sauces).


Wow guys! So many new things to try!! Looking forward to trying them all!!


I agree with @Curtisuxor. Different hot sauces for different foods. I'm a wasabi lover (Hapi Wasabi Peas are a major part of my life), and Mexican food requires sauce with chipotle, but Tobasco is my staple hot sauce for most things. Of course, I live not far from where it is made and toured McIlhenny Plantation several times with my kids' classes when they were small.