questionshow is deals.woot doing since the amazon takeover?


The deals on DealsWoot aren't really effected by Amazon. The community and how it is run has been. We are for the most part ignored --No more coupons over here anymore, skeleton crew of staff { but who do their best to keep the spammers at bay with the help of the community}
In spite of that the community goes on......fewer active members, but it still goes on......We actually find and post some good deals if I do say so myself ! :)

.See this question from just a day or two ago that talks about how things are here on the Deals side


Asked and answered, about a dozen times.


The question is really about all of the different sites that are linked to here. Woot, tech, home, tools and garden etc. I come to check out the daily deals now and again rather than the posted deals. The community is great but I just wonder how much more or less profitable the company is and whether they get more or less traffic.


@chezteladog: I don't think anyone here would have answers to those specific questions. Guesses, perhaps, but not much solid info.


I would be willing to guess that they are making more money now than ever. They use the same basic staff and now they get to use Amazon resources and warehouses for shipping. It's like turning a convenience store into a Walmart and reducing staff. It makes a lot more money but no one really enjoys the shopping experience.


@magic cave: Only a dozen, seems like more. The user that would take their time and post all the times it was asked before is gone. : (


@ceagee: Don't tell me the black triangle coupons stopped coming in!