questionshow full is your hard drive?


110/500 - Internal
400/500 - External 1
300/500 - External 2

No, I don't worry about it. The externals are backups and long term storage for old files.


I have 28 GB free on my main drive, about 160 open on my partition. I have a stack of stuff I need to burn off.
My Xbox has 35 GB free out of 250.


For proper performance I keep at least %20 free. I recommend ATF Cleaner. it does not install, it just runs. I FYI I always unchecked history and cookies.


Using just over 16gb used on this 80gb HDD ...

My other laptop has more stuff, though ... over 25gb used on a 500gb HDD.


I'd get rid of Law & Order.

As to my drives, I've got 2 1 TB drives, 1 is 33% full and the other is 81% full. I'll need another drive before much longer. Hopefully they'll come down in price before I need to get another one.


170GB left on my 1TB internal hard drive and 12GB left on my 500GB external hard drive that I use for backups. Those things fill up quick don't they?


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Also, to answer the question of deleting files form a 500GB HD that is 99% full: in the immortal words of Bender, "You're boned."


My harddrive (250GB) is about half full. My original photo drive is full (250GB). My second photo (2TB) drive is ten percent full. My backup drive (1TB) is about 90% full. My music drive (1.5TB) is about 55% full.

Then there are my two pogoplug drives. Both are almost empty. One is a 2TB drive, the other has 1.5TB.


I have 5 computer and 10 external drives. Most of them backup the computers which are about 40-60% full. Then 3 of the other 5 are spares in case something happens. The last 2 are stuff I don't care about losing. They are 75% full. I don't usually worry about running out of space because once I start getting close I'll just go buy another one. Hard drives in general are pretty cheap now a days.

I'd rather have something on a full hard drive that I don't need than to have to decided about what to delete.


@lisaviolet: excuse the pun, but you seem very driven


About 1gb of 320gb (I think it's 320..) :)
And that's ONLY because I just freed up some space.

500gb~ on my 1tb (approx.)

I'm WISHING I was able to buy more when NewEgg had 120gb Passports on sale for like $24 a couple years ago. Those things have come in HAN-DEE.

I just got a Mac and it has 60gb that I'm about to dominate :)


C: 20/120 free
D: 186/500 free
F: 175/2tb free
G: 86/2tb free
H: 275/1tb free

going to be adding another 2tb to the system soon as well, that should take a few months to fill, and i recently deleted about 200gb from my drives as a total, and i worry about what i put on all my drives as space seems to fill fast


I'm about at 458 of 500 on my desktop. 12 of 320 on the laptop.
What sucks is that I need to reinstall Windows on the desktop and have nowhere else to put the data. Yes, I have dvdrs, but half of my backups failed last time.

From now on I am going with a network attached storage.


94/160 Laptop
600/1.5TB backups,music,movies,etc.
500/1TB Pictures, videos,and school work.
First number is free space left.


1.89 TB / 2TB

I listen to a lot of music and need to buy a second drive soon.

Since nobody else has the balls to say it. Only 2-3 gb of that is stuff of an adult nature.

You should buy a new hardrive. 2tb internal.


Only external drives store entertainment, most of that's been saved to DVDs. Internal drives- 8% full.


I've got something like 8-11 TB. Probably 80% utilized across everything. 20-40% of that being backup, maybe more.