questionsare your children ugly?


No child is ugly.

Only adults who had unfortunately disgraceful upbringing would ask if someone else's children are ugly.

This is one disgusting question.

I see dying or terminally ill children every week at Seattle Children's Hospital (where I volunteer, and work with some doctors on developing a certain type of medical software to save lives), where some of them are preemies, some were born with severe birth defects, some are older but have incurable diseases that cause severe disfigurement.

None, absolutely none of the parents would ever call their children ugly.

You might have asked it in jest, just to stir up the pot or for fun, but get a life and have fun with something a little more positive.


@lll0228: Then can you explain where all the ugly adults come from?

Seriously though, my kids are darling


I am glad that Woot took away that last comment you posted; it really does not reflect well on you; and it is a direct violation of their ToS article 11.


@capguncowboy: It came from the indoctrination of what is considered beautiful and/or ugly. It has nothing to do with the persons who are being viewed. It is a determination of the viewer.

I work with a lot of some of the most superficially beautiful people on this planet. But some of them (not all of them, of course) are also some of the most irresponsible, despicable, unaccountable and incompetent people that I would really consider internally ugly.

Beauty or ugly on the outside really doesn't mean much after a while.


@iggz: Thanks for the suggestion, but I am taken.


So this is where my ugly little brother spends all of his time.


@inkycatz: That camera man should learn how to use the zoom and focus features of the camera.


I always think all children are lovely~